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I have never claimed to be a spy.


= COMPARE a WhistleBlower to a REAL SPY, which the media do not help to do. =

Informs Citizens of Wrong Doing or Crimes in Government Works solely for Enemy to help the enemy
Goes to Authorities (unless corrupt) or to Best Independent NEWS MEDIA and Requires discretion to NOT release that which is actually harmful to the country. Works quietly for years giving secrets specifically to harm the Country spied-upon
Evidence of Government Wrong-Doing Shows Actual Wrong-doing: Acts outside of authority invading rights of Citizens and Waste, Misuse of Resources Provides weaknesses and strengths of military
GETS NOTHING but Criticism, possible jail and Risks Everything For the People to warn them like Paul Revere and the Framers who warned you about Tyrants seeking power GETS PAID - Something plenty in return usually hundreds of thousands of dollars in secret account, and gets protection, whisked away if suspected , to the foreign country BY that country (or killed).
Takes measures to keep the information from falling into hands of enemies of their country, such as Encryption and placement out of reach of others, hidden, sequestered. Outright gives all the available secret information to the Enemy.
Asks INDEPENDENT News Journalists to study and Inquire of the Agency what specific parts are vital or harms would come from each specific release (of portion) (ie: NOT all the information is released, only that which informs Citizens NO limit in releases, and certainly no cautious release, and none to journalists.
Collects only enough to inform the Media Journalists of the seriousness of the misconduct and its over-breadth (and may keep some back on a "deadman wire" to protect themselves) Collects all they can and sends it all to the enemy.
Finds and rather promptly reports to Journalist or Authority (if not corrupt) Continues for as long as possible, years or decades as long as they can get away with it.