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Copyright as an economic weapon against the United States

Full text of video:

What would happen if Iran abolished all copyright laws and withdrew from all international intellectual property treaties? Could copyright be used as a weapon against the united states? I am going to explore this possibility.

I am standing in front of the Iranian embassy – an embassy that represents a besieged country which has been aggressively bullied and oppressed by the united states for decades.  

Recently, the United States unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal and just this week the us again threated war.    What can a small country like Iran do? In 2016 the U.S. commerce department released a comprehensive report entitled, “intellectual property and the U.S. economy”  The study found that intellectual property intensive industries support at least 45 million U.S. jobs and contributes more than $6 trillion dollars to the economy     

The report even went so far as to say that 38% of American's gross domestic product is in intellectual property!  Iran can stand up to the united states, by attacking 38% of the American economy.  This can be done by abolishing copyright.

Iran would then proclaim to the world that there is no copyright in Iran and they would warmly welcome all online piracy. 

Secret servers could be installed in the country to build a library of all of the world's knowledge.

A YouTube with every movie and television show ever created.  A library of every book ever written.  All connected by a Wikipedia collective site connecting the sum of all human knowledge.  In short, a modern-day seventh wonder of the world - a contemporary library of Alexandria.

The more intellectual property and copyright law is weakened abroad, the weaker America is economically and therefore militarily.     This will succeed because  every person, organization and country has an Achilles heel. The larger the country, the bigger the Achilles heel.

I am walking into the Iranian embassy right now to give them a packet explaining and expounding on this powerful idea. 

This is Travis Lee Bailey reporting from the Iranian embassy in Moscow Russia.