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Travis Lee Bailey, Esq.
Трэвис Ли Бейли
American Lawyer in Moscow, Russia, Think Tank Consultant

July 2019 Russian Federation temporary refuge application from the United States, the first step towards political asylum. The initial application was denied. As of May 2020, the appeal is awaiting a hearing.

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The United States of America is the most violent country internationally in the world today. I am pursuing a career in Moscow with a Russian think tank government consultancy to adopt international policies that will subvert the United States of America economically.

Video transcript & explanation

Copyright as a weapon of war against the United States
May 2019 - Iranian Embassy in Moscow, Russia

Сделаем Россию Снова Великой (Make Russia Great Again)


Russian national television and film appearances

Trinity Movie

Discussion on American Foreign Policy (Russian dubbed)

Unknown America. The Most Shocking Hypotheses

Illegal Immigration to America (English)

Discussion on Education (Russian dubbed)



Published Works

Why Do They Hate Us?
Origins of Anti-Americanism: Ground Work for Scholarly Analysis


Legal Career

Employment Law partnership in Moscow, Russia

Solo Foreclosure and Bankruptcy lawyer, Washington, DC

Law offices of the Center for Medicaid and Medicare services

Graduate of Saint Mary's School of Law

My Background


Служба Корпуса Мира США

United States Peace Corps Service

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How you can help / Further reading

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter -- Martin Luther King

What are you willing to sacrifice and give up for your deepest held beliefs?


Travis Lee Bailey, Esq.
Трэвис Ли Бейли
American Lawyer in Moscow, Russia