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Travis Lee Bailey, Esq.
Трэвис Ли Бейли
American Lawyer in Moscow, Russia
Сделаем Россию снова Великой

[Self censored my political beliefs]

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Russian national television appearances

Discussion on American Foreign Policy

Discussion on Education

Gameshow "Let's Get Married"


Published Works

Why Do They Hate Us?
Origins of Anti-Americanism: Ground Work for Scholarly Analysis


Legal Career

Employment Law partnership in Moscow, Russia

In 2015 every Russia said that it was not possible: "The legal system is corrupt and broken and you can't change anything." Yet in four short months I settled my first employment lawsuit against Language Link, the second largest English school in Russia.
My legal partner then said it was impossible to settle a lawsuit. I negotiated alone with the opposing side's attorney and settled. We moved on to more Employment lawsuits with other ex-pats.

Solo Foreclosure and Bankruptcy lawyer, Washington, DC

Law offices of the Center for Medicaid and Medicare services

Teaching English

in Moscow Russia

Teaching Certificates and Recommendations

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United States Peace Corps Service

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