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Famous figures of Odessa


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21. Wassily Kadinsky  1866 - 1944

A famous Russian painter, a leader in the role of modern art.  He grew up in Odessa.

22. Boris Zhitkov  1882 - 1938

A famous Soviet writer of sea stories.  Grew up and lived in Odessa.

23. Vladimir Jabotinsky  1880 - 1940

A famous journalist and orator, who founded the Zionist Revisionist which played an important role in establishing the State of Israel.  He was born in Odessa.

24. Sergei Korolev   1907 - 1966

A famous engineer who helped to pioneer the dominant Soviet rocketry program.  He was educated in Odessa at the Odessa Building Trades School.

25. Valentin Glushko  1908 - 1989

The predecessor and rival to Korolev.  He was the most experienced Soviet designer of rocket engines.  A crater on the Moon is named after him.  He lived in Odessa.


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