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Primorsky Boulevard (Приморский Бульвар)

"A Must See"


Primorsky Boulevard is a shady seaside promenade with many historic landmarks and interesting monuments. Here Odessites sit on the shady benches, enjoy the sea breeze, and gaze at the panorama of the bay.

The architectural ensemble of Primorsky Boulevard attests to the high standards of Odessa architects. Designed as the compositional pivot of the city, the Boulevard runs along the sealine.

The middle section of the Boulevard is occupied by the semi-circular square with the monument to A.-E.Richelieu in the centre.

The buildings of the former stock exchange and the Vorontsov Palace terminate the Boulevard on each end to form an integral balanced whole.

The architectural rhythm of Primorsky Boulevard, enhanced by horizontal terraces, is interrupted by the vertical line of the grandiose stairs terraces which were given the name of Potemkin.

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Before 1820, this area was a large ruin carved by eroded ravines, where the remains of the old Turkish fortress once stood. Architect F. Challe designed the boulevard in 1819, and work began with landscaping and the planting of trees in 1820. Most of the buildings were built in the early 19th century.

The Boulevard is a half a kilometer (500 meters) and follows the contours of the steep cliff that it is built upon. At each end is a square, on the northwestern end is the children's palace, and on the southeastern end is the Odessa mayor's office. Four rows of Linden, maples, limes, and horse chestnut trees (also known as Buckeye trees) line the boulevard. In the late spring, Horse chestnut trees bloom in beautiful candle-like white cones. In the autumn passerby's collect the shiny chestnuts.


What to see on Primorsky Boulevard


Green Odessa

Each street in Odessa is lined with its own species of trees:
  • Ekaterininskaya is lined with catapla tress and chestnuts.
  • Primorsky Boulevard linden, maples, limes, and horse chestnut trees
  • Deribasovskaya Street is shaded by linden trees.
  • Shevchenko Avenue is lined with Sycamore (plane) and sophora trees, with wild grapevines on the buildings.
  • Pushkinskaya is lined with hundred of Sycamore (plane) trees. Making it one of the most beautiful and shaded trees in Odessa.

Wonderfully detailed "arbor tags"
to identify each kind of tree are
available at:
On Geocities

Ivy on typical Odessa building

Many houses are also decorated in decorative vines and ivy, including"Isabella" and "Lydia" grapes.

In August and September Odessites pick these grapes and makehomemade juice and wine.


Building with
an optical illusion


Valentin Glushko
Bronze bust

(also West Primorsky Blvd)


War cannon threatening the
mayor's office

(also West Primorsky Blvd)

Duke de Richelieu Monument

"A Must See"


Primorsky (Potemkin)

"A Must See"


Maritime Palace

F. K. Boffo

The architect F. K. Boffo played a large part in designing Odessa. In the forty years (1818-1857) he lived in Odessa, he designed more than fifty residential and public buildings.

These include:

Londonskaya Hotel
(formerly Hotel Odessa)

Putin Bust

Mayor's Office
City Council

Public Toilet

On the North lower side of the mayor's office building is a pay toilet (facing the sea). This is reached by walking past the Crimean War Cannon and down the path to the right.

Crimean War Cannon
Artificial Cave


Historic photo of Primorsky Boulevard

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