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Monument at school 56 & 69th Fighter Plane Air Regiment Monument

Monument at school 56
Tenistaya 1 (Тенистая)

The students of this school had a fundraising campaign by collecting scrap-metal to erect this monument.

The inscription on this monument reads:

Twice Hero of the Soviet Union ,
Army General Ivan Danilovich Chernyahovsky 1906-1945

(Click here for more on Twice Hero of the Soviet Union for an explanation of these awards.)


The school also has a large World War Two gun on display, just down the street

"Station" stops on Fontanskaya Doroga (Фонтанская дорога)
The name "station" comes from the past. Before the trams, there was a small train. Each stop was called a "station", like a train station. The name has remained, even thought the train was replace by a tram.

69th Fighter Plane Air Regiment Monument
Tram stop 5 Fontanskaya Doroga (Фонтанская дорога)

During World War two when the Nazis began to bomb the airport, new landing strip was built inside the city near the 5th station of Fountainskaya Doroga. Mostly women built the landing strip in only a week. The 69th Fighter Airplane Regiment used this runway for their fighter planes.

Inscribed on a slab next to the memorial are these words:

To courageous warriors of the
69th Fighter Airplane Regiment,
participating in the heroic defense
of Odessa from the
fascist invaders in 1941.
Regiment's pilots in fierce battles destroyed 94 enemy planes,
other military equipment,
soldiers and officers.

Twelve of the pilots were awarded a
degree of the Hero of the Soviet Union.
The monument is erected on the
territory of the former airfield,
from which the Regiment's combat operations started.

Pilots, the Heroes of the
Soviet Union, who
took part in the heroic
defense and liberation
of Odessa from the fascist invaders.
In defense: In liberation:
(list of names)
Eternal Glory be to Heroes!

(There is also a plaque commemorating the
69th Fighter Airplane Regiment at the airport

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