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What to buy in Odessa; Including business directory in Odessa


What to buy, souvenirs
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Business Directory

Businesses directory for Odessa
(Including religious organizations)

Keep in mind: All Odessa businesses have a no refund policy. Some stores will exchange items.

"Open" in Russian

Antique shops
Apartment Rental, see Hotel section
Art Galleries
Automobile rental
Barber Shops / Beauty Saloons
Books, Second Hand
Business Cards
Candy and Pastry Stores
Clothes/ Clothing
Computer Repair
Computer Shops
Copy Center
Dating Services
Delivery, food
Dry Cleaning
Electronics repair
English resources
Film Development/Photo shops
Flat Rental
Flower Shops
Food delivery
Gift Wrapping
Greeting Cards
Grocery Stores
Hair Cut
Language Studies, Russian
Laundry Mat/ Laundry Facilities
Lingerie Shop
Marriage Agencies
Mobile telephones
Movie Theaters
Office Supplies
Paper products
Pet shops
Phone books
Presents, see gift wrapping
Religious Organizations
Rental, Apartment/Flat, see Hotel section
Rental, Automobile, see Automobile rental
Repair, computers, see Computer repair
Repair, electronics, see Electronics repair
Russian Studies
Second hand clothing
Sewing Shop
Souvenir shops
Synagogues, see Religious organizations
Translation services
Telephone directory
Video Arcades
Want ads
Yellow Pages

A common sign around Odessa,
this is a "Lombard" Russian for pawn shop

Antique shops
Hobbie (Хобби)
Bunina 35 (Бунина)
tel: 20-06-36
Daily 11 am-6 pm

Small antique shop includes glassware, dishes, and religious icons.

Deribasovskaya 10 (Дерибасовская)
tel: 26-55-63
Monday-Saturday 10am-16pm
Sunday 11am-5pm

Antique coins, money from around the word, some stamps, second room has antique furniture, pictures, and items for the home.

Art Galleries
Maritime Gallery
Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) (in the port, near Kimpinksi hotel and St. Myckola's church)
tel: 729-33-09

1070 square meters of art. 6 Hr entrance fee.

Odessa Organization of National Artist's Union of Ukraine
Ekaterininskaya 18 (Екатерининская)
Tel: 22-48-97
Open 11 am - 7 pm Closed Sunday
Visa MasterCard accepted.

See also souvenirs

Art Supplies, see office supplies

Automobile rental (Автомобили Аренда / Прокат)
This car rental agencies rents to foreigners:

Udzjiniya Travel (Юджиния Тревел)
Primorskaya 6 (Приморская) marine passenger terminal ( Morskoy Vokzal / Морской вокзал)
Tel: 21-85-81

Rishelevskaya 23 (Ришельевская)
Tel: 21-85-83
Cheapest rental is $75 one day

The following car rental businesses are located in Kiev:
Boryspil airport, arrival hall, 1st floor
Tel: (380-044) 296-76-16

Boryspil airport, arrival hall, 1st floor
Tel: (380-044) 296-77-37

"Перукарня" Hair salon

Barber Shops / Beauty Saloons
(Parimaherckaya / парикмахерская)

Prices for barber shops and beauty saloons average 8-25 Hryvna. Many hotels also have beauty salons. Manicures are around 10-20 Hryvna.

These are just three of hundreds around the city:
Dariya (Дария)
Basement, next to monastery.
Panteleimonovskaya 64 (Пантелеймоновская)
Tel: 65-04-20
Open 9 am - 7 pm

Parimaherckaya (парикмахерская)
Pastera 73 (Пастера)
(Just west of the Deribasovskaya park/ Gor-saud (Горсад))
Open 8 am - 7 pm; daily

Lavlina (Лавлiна)
Zjukovskovo 16 (Жуковского)
Corner of Pushkinskaya (Пушкинская)
Open 8 am - 8 pm

Addresses of some of the other saloons in the center:

Bazarnaya 70 (Базарная)
Bazarnaya 71 (Базарная)
Bunina 2 (Бунина)
Ekaterininskaya 20 (Екатерининская)
Kanatnaya 66 (Канатная)
Preobrazhenskaya 45 (Преображенская)
Pushkinskaya 55 (Пушкинская)
Rishelevskaya 12 (Ришельевская)
Rishelevskaya 48 (Ришельевская)
Rishelevskaya 58 (Ришельевская)
Rishelevskaya 59 (Ришельевская)
Rishelevskaya 63 (Ришельевская)
Troitskaya 52 (Троицкая)
Zjukovskovo 4 (Жуковского)

Bazaars (базар, Reigh-nok / рынок)

There are several bazaars throughout Odessa, some specializing in particular products. Here is a list of some of the bazaars in the center, and two specialty bazaars:

Malinovsky Reigh-nok (Малиновский Рынок)
Marshala Malinovskovo 40 (Маршала Малиновского)
South Odessa, actually near 100 Marshala Malinovskogo
Tel: 49-03-03
Furniture and building/construction material bazaar

Novy Reigh-nok (Новый Рынок) or New Market / Bazaar
Sadovaya 24 (Садовая)
[Official address: Torgovaya 26 (Торговая)] Sadovaya (Садовая) and Torgovaya (Торговая) streets
(See also page)

Privoz Market (Привоз)
Privoznaya 14 (Привозная)
Meaning "to bring" in Russian, Privoz Market is one of the largest farmer's markets/bazaars in the world.
(See also page)

Starokonny Reigh-nok
Starokony 6 (Староконный)
Tel: 732-33-86
Animal/Pet Bazaar, weekends best

Radio bazaar
Just north of the Kotoskova Bridge, to the east.

Electrical equipment bazaar

Magazine Vendor in front of
train station Mcdonalds

Books, Second Hand
Buky-ny-sty-chsky Oat-del (букинистический отдел)
(букинистический Russian for Second hand second-hand bookseller)
tel: 22-41-06
Deribasovskaya 27 (Дерибасовская) (just South of Deribasovskaya, towards Grecheskaya square, same building as Dom Kenegy bookstore)
Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday 11:30-7pm

  • Unique feature: above the book shelves are quotes from Lenin, Marx and other Soviet leaders in etched glass

Antique books and second-hand book store (large majority Russian). Next door is the medical bookstore. Next door to the medical bookstore is a another small bookstore.

Second-hand book bazaar in Kulikovo Pole Square
(Куликово поле Площадь), "Lenin Park"

On the north side of the park, near the train station McDonalds
Running along the sidewalk a couple of dozen entrepreneurs have created a second-hand book bazaar. Occasionally good picture books and more seldom, English books can be found here.

Business Cards
Политрафическе Услуги / Визитки
Novoselskogo 110 (Новосельского)
West of Preobrazhenskaya (Преображенская), basement
Pushkinskaya 75 (Пушкинская)
Around the corner of Pushkinskaya (Пушкинская), on Malaya Arnautskaya (Малая Арнаутская ), basement
Tel: 24-60-84

Excellent service and incredibly low prices.

The copy centers listed also do business cards.

Books, English, See book stores and English Resourses
Camera Repair, See electronics repair
Camcorder Repair, See electronics repair

Candy and Pastry Stores
Bekker (Беккер)
Fontanskaya Doroga 39 (Фонтанская дорога)
Panteleimonovskaya 70 (Пантелеймоновская)
Preobrazhenskaya 72 (Преображенская)
Rishelevskaya 12 (Ришельевская)
Shevchenko Avenue 15/3 (Шевченко проспект)

Several pastries and coffee, locations around Odessa

Golden Key (Zalotey Kloshik/Золотий Ключик)
Grecheskaya Ploshat (square) (Греческая Площадь)
Tel: 24-10-43

Open 9 am - 9 pm
This is the favorite sweet and candy shop of Odessites. It has dozens of candies and chocolates. Cafe upstairs.

Golden key candy shop across the street from Privoz bazaar

Golden Key (Zalotey Kloshik/Золотий Ключик)
Panteleimonovskaya 108 (Пантелеймоновская)
(Corner of Aleksandrovsky Ave. (Александровский проспект))
Tel: 24-1043


Slastena (Сластена)
Ekaterininskaya 1 (Екатерининская)
Tel: 26-76-96
This shop has dozens of sweat pastries. Though a foreigner will realize that Ukrainian pastries tend not to be as sweat.

Also located at:

Staroportofrankovskaya 109 (Старопортофранковская)
Ekaterininskaya 91 (Екатерининская)
Kanatnaya 45 (Канатная)
Torgovaya 16 (Торговая)
Torgovaya 49 (Торговая)
Srednefontanskaya 41 (Среднефонтанская)

Kobinat (Кобинат)
Komitetskaya 4/6 (Комитетская)
Tel: 22-31-19
This firm sells cakes and pastries around the city. Although located in an inconvenient location (south west of the center), this small store, no more than a window in a wall, always has people lined up outside to buy a cake.

Privoz bazaar, on the west side of the dairy building (facing Ekaterininskaya Street) has excellent, rich cakes for under 30 Hyrvnia.

Car Rental, see automobile rental
Cards, Greeting, see Greeting Cards

Casinos (kazi-no, Казино)
Because of the lack of regulations and the rampant corruption and graft, the chance of winning at Odessa gambling is much smaller than in a Western Country. If a person decides to gamble, they should keep in mind the chances of winning are next to nil.

Dozens of slot machines are scattered around Odessa, for example the small "Nevada" (Невада) tent on Deribasovskaya (Дерибасовская) and the small kiosk at the underground walkway near the train station.

Dejavu (Дежавю)
(Photos of the building, click here)
(Photos of the some of the Soviet nostalgia)

Ekaterininskaya Square (ploshat) 1 (Екатерининская площадь)
(Next to the Duke de Richelieu Monument)
tel: 777-03-39
6 pm - 6 am
Combination restaurant, bar, and casino.
American roulette, Caribbean poker, Black Jack, weekly lotteries, striptease 11 pm every night.

Gabriela (габриелла)
In the Londonskaya (Лондонская) hotel
Primorsky Blvd. 11 (Приморский Бульвар)
tel: 25-53-65
Tel/fax: 25-53-52
email: gabriela@mail.od.ua

Mirage (Мираж)
Preobrazhenskaya 36 (Преображенская)
tel: 22-03-10
fax: 34-77-95

Combination bar, discotheque, and casino.

Rishele (ришелье)
Bunina 15 (Бунина)
tel: 21-73-16

Royal Flush (Roy-yal flesh, Рояль Флеш)
Tiraspolskaya 1 (Тираспольская)
tel: 22-27-66

CD burning/copying, see Akvarium under Copy Center.
Cellular phone, see mobile phone
Churches, see Religious organizations.
Classified ads, see Hotel section

Clothes/ Clothing
Centralny Universalny Magazine (Central Department Store)
(Abbreviated and known to Odessites simply as: "Soum")
(центральный универсальный магазин)
Pushkinskaya 72 (Пушкинская)

This large four-story department store's architecture and function is exactly the same as it was during the Soviet Union. The striking difference is what the department store holds today. All modern Western electronic gadgets, clothing, cosmetics, and house hold items can now be found in this department store. The prices tend to be higher than in the bazaar, but the service tends to be better, and it is less crowded.

7 kilometers bazaar
Also for inexpensive but possibly poor quality clothing, 7 kilometers bazaar has a huge selection.

Privoz Second Hand Market
Around 23 Panteleimonovskaya (Пантелеймоновская)
Southwest corner Panteleimonovskaya (Пантелеймоновская) and Vodoprovodnaya (Водопроводная)
Large white building, second floor, entrance on exterior of the southeast side of large building.

This second hand market takes up the entire second floor of a large building. Of particular entrance is the hundreds of used leather jackets.

Rishelevskaya (Ришельевская) and Deribasovskaya (Дерибасовская) streets.
A wide variety of clothing shops can be found on Rishelevskaya (Ришельевская) and Deribasovskaya (Дерибасовская) streets.

Computer Repair
N-bis (Н-бис)
Koblevskaya 26 (Коблевская)
Tel: 777-70-70

If your laptop dies while here in Odessa, this is the firm to visit. Wait times tend to be long, but otherwise the service is excellent and the price is incredibly low. The firm also owns two computer stores across the street with the same name.

Computer Shops

Computer Land computer shop
Pushkinskaya 64 (Пушкинская)
(Next door to 64 internet cafe, listed below, computer wrapped in a globe above the
Open 9am - 7pm

Komputereigh Компьютеры Computer Shop
Bolshaya Arnautskaya 47 (Большая Арнаутская)
Closed Sundays Open 9am - 6 pm

Raduga (Радуга) Computer shop
Preobrazhenskaya 49/51 (Преображенская)

Closed Sundays Open 9am - 6 pm

Vse dlya Ofica (Все для Офиса) Computer shop
Zjukovskovo 36 (Жуковского)
Closed Sundays Open 9am - 6 pm

Xerox / Copy machine in Russian

Copy Center
Copiers in Odessa are easy to find, but the quality of copies varies widely. Many photo shops have photocopiers. The price of a copy is 15-25 kopeck.

Two full service copy centers are located on Grecheskaya Ploshat (square) (Греческая Площадь) (below). Both do color copies, bindings, etc. Unfortunately, both tend to sometimes have rude employees.

There is no self-service copy centers in all of Ukraine that we are aware of.

The word for copy in Russian is similar to the company copier "Xerox" kser-aks (ксерокс).

Grechesky (Греческий)
Grecheskaya Ploshat (square) (Греческая Площадь).
Tel: 37-52-35
Monday-Friday 8 am- 10pm
Saturday 9 am - 6 pm
Sunday 10 am - 6 pm

Akvarium (Аквариум)
Grecheskaya Ploshat (square) 5 (Греческая Площадь).
Tel: 715-03-45

Also burn CDs for 12-15 Hryvnia.

Dating Services, see marriage agencies
Delivery, food, see food delivery
Dry Cleaning, see laundry mat/laundry service

Electronics repair
Remus LTD (Ремус ЛТД)
Lanzjeronovskaya 26 (Ланжероновская)
Tel: 25-91-00

Open 10 am - 6 pm

Excellent service and repair.

English Resources, Translations services
See also: Books, Second Hand
Many of the resources listed here are from:

Odessa's oldest English club
Pushkinskaya 34 #1 (Пушкинская)

Possible phone number of teacher who works in the kindergarden: Olga 54-68-37
Every Friday, 7 pm (Once or twice a year there are no meetings, occasionally in the summer the club is suspended for several weeks)

Detailed Directions:
Corner of Troitskaya (Троицкая) & Pushkinskaya (Пушкинская)
Pushkinskaya 34 is a blue building across the street from a huge lighted white bank which is also on the corner.
Walk through the archway, go through the courtyard to the right.
The English Club door is down a small flight of stairs in the right corner.
Back room basement office.
During the day this office is a kindergarden (детский сад).

We cannot say enough good things about the Odessa's oldest English club, a welcome haven for English speaking foreigners for over five years. Every Friday, you can meet up to two dozen Ukrainians which will be very intersted in who you are, and are very eager to talk to you in English on any subject.

For the English speaker, the English club is the absolute best resource for everything and anything about Odessa. Because of the wide variety of highly educated people who attend the club, in our experience, almost no question about Odessa and Odessa life cannot be answered.

The English club members represents the very best that Odessa has to offer the world. In our experience, English club members are always extremly kind and inviting to any foreigner. My personal tribute to the club can be found here.

British Council Odessa
Odessa State University
Dvoryanskaya 2 (Дворянская)
Tel:496-833 Fax: 496-452

Membership 80 Hr (Hryvnia) a year which allows members to take one video for up to a week and two books for up to two weeks. Officially you must be educator, but if you are persistent, you can get a membership.

Open: Mon & Fri 9:00-14:00 (Last Friday of each month closed) Tue-Thu 12:00-17:00
Currently closed for renovations.

Evrokniga (Еврокнига)
Sobarnaya 6 office 1 (Соборная пл. 6 офис 1)
office@eurokniga.odessa.ua or market@eurokniga.odessa.ua
The oldest English bookstore in Odessa. Large selection of textbooks and non-fiction.

Bretanskaya Keniga (Британская книга)
Koblevskaya 47(ул. Коблевская 47) Tel: 777-00-13, 777-00-19 Fax: 34-46-64
(Book bazaar at Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) (Греческая Площадь) Stall #92)

Globe Bookstore
Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) (Греческая Площадь)
Tel: 35-68-43
The largest selection of both classic and contemporary English literature in Odessa. Wide and excellent selection of videos. Video membership is 15 Hr a month/deposit 20 Hr allowing one to take videos in English for one evening. Also on Sundays free lectures on various subjects, call ahead to reserve a space. No lectures in the summer. Lectures will begin again in the fall.

Sells the Economist as well as other magazines and newspapers .

The Bookshop
Preobrazhenskaya 35 (Преображенская)
Open 9 am to 7 pm

The Book Shop has moved, they are no longer on Grecheskaya Ploshat. They have a lot of everything, including videos for rent and second hand books.

Kiev Post
English newspaper published in Kiev. Which focuses predominantly on Ukrainian politics.
(Free copies are available at the following restaurants: Mario, Buffalo 99 and Fat Mozes)

Dom Kenegy

Deribasovskaya 27 (Дерибасовская)
Tel: 22-74-50

Open: 10am-7 pm, lunch 1pm-2pm Closed all holidays

The largest book store in Odessa sells The Economist magazine, the best English language magazine, published in Britian.

Older copies are approx. two Hryvnia, newer copies, a week or two old are about 7 Hryvnia. Ask the cashier they are slightly hidden.

The Globe Bookstore (above) also sells the latest issue of the Economist as well but it is more expensive.

Orfey (Орфей)
Ekaterininskaya 22 (Екатерининская)
Orfey also has a very modest English books section. However, they have some reasonably priced literature and textbooks.

Oxford College
Kanatnaya 56 (Канатная)
English Video Library

Center Video (Центр Видео)
Zjukovskovo 38 (Жуковского)
Sells English language videos with Russian subtitles


The best way to find a translator is contact me at travbailey@yahoo.com and I will get you in contact with competent and very professional translators which I have personally worked with in the past.

A second option is to go to the English Club (above) on a Friday.

When I left Ukraine in the summer of 2002, the average wage for a translator / interpreter was $5 an hour.

Other translators:

Dr. Sergey P. Yelizarov
Assistant Professor, Odessa Institute of Agriculture
Available to do genealogical work in Ukraine. Is also available as a guide.
Tel 011-380-482-68-90-24


See also tour guides for possible translators.

Eyeglasses, see glasses

Photoshop at trainstation

Film Development/Photo shops
When you buy film, keep the cardboard box the film came in. This is because 99% of all film sold in Odessa have special stickers on the boxes for free negative development.

Standard practice is to develop the film and then the customer decides which pictures they want to develop. Prices are listed per picture developed. The average price is 50 - 90 kopecks per 10 x 15, but steadily dropping in price. The cost to develop negatives is universally 3 Hr.

Hour development is available on request, many stores do in-house processing of film.

The cheapest photo processing is available in the two kiosks in the underground northern walkways next to the train station.

There are dozens of photo shops in the center, making them easy to find. Listed here are a couple of major photo shops and two chains of photo shops:

Akademeka Glushko Ave. 16 (Академика Глушко проспект ) Flesh (Флеш)
Akademeka Koroleva 76/1 (Академика Королева) Flesh (Флеш)
Deribasovskaya 22 (Дерибасовская), near the movie theater Flesh (Флеш)
Deribasovskaya 16 (Дерибасовская) Focus (Фокус)
Deribasovskaya 24 (Дерибасовская) Inside of Vorontsov (Воронцов) Restaurant 24 hoursUleigh-bka (Smile)-- Fagot (Улыбка--Фагот)
Devolanovsky Spusk 11 (Деволановский спуск)Inside the Amsterdam Night club 24 hours Fagot (Фагот)
Ekaterininskaya 16 (Екатерининская) Flesh (Флеш)
Ekaterininskaya 35 (Екатерининская) Fagot (Фагот)
Grecheskaya 46 (Греческая) Fagot (Фагот)
Panteleimonovskaya 62 (Пантелеймоновская) Say-Doon (Сайдун)
Preobrazhenskaya 25 (Преображенская) Center of the pavilion Fagot (Фагот)
Pushkinskaya 69 (Пушкинская) Flesh (Флеш)
Rishelevskaya 14 (Ришельевская) Fagot (Фагот)
Rishelevskaya 4 (Ришельевская) Fagot (Фагот)
Tiraspolskaya Ploshat (Square) (Тираспольская Площадь) Fagot (Фагот)

Flat Rental, see Hotel section

Flower Shops
The cheapest priced flowers are from the various street peddlers found on Deribasovskaya, Preobrazhenskaya (Преображенская) and the underground walkway stairs near the train stations.

The price for one rose is usually 12-15 Hr, but in February and March (on account of woman's day and valentine's day) the prices can double.

Tsvet-och-ny Passaj (Цветочный пассаж)
Preobrazhenskaya 25 (Преображенская)
On the front of the building is a large rose with the word Gallereya (Галерея ), below it.
tel: 729-4858

Open 24 hours

This large glass modern flower shop, resembling a green house, was opened in 2001 after the new church construction across the street overtook the old dilapidated flower shop. It also has a couple of expensive souvenir shops.

Arheedeya (Архидея)
Staro bazarny Park (Сквер Старобазарный)
(Intersection of Bazarnaya (Базарная) and Aleksandrovsky Ave. (Александровский) South West of Cossack statue)

Tel: 37-91-22

Open 24 hours, employees claim this is the largest flower shop in Odessa

Flower shop
Starosennaya Ploshat (Square) (Старосенная Площадь)
(Across the street from the train station, west side)
Tel: 34-66-77

Open 9 am - 9 pm

Krashy Kvity (Крашi Квiти)
Admiralsky Ave 1 (Адмиралский проспект)
Fontanskaya Doroga Station 5 (Фонтанская дорога)

Food delivery
Pan Pizza Delivery
Tel: 345-103
Up to 38 Hr, 5 Hr charge
If above 38 Hr, free delivery
Really poor pizza

Gambling, see casinos

Gift Wrapping

Dom Kenegy
Deribasovskaya 27 (Дерибасовская)
Second floor
Tel: 22-74-50

10am-6pm, lunch 1pm-2pm Closed all holidays

Tsentralny, Gastranom 1 (Гастроном 1)
Preobrazhenskaya 34 (Преображенская)
Tel: 34-74-40

Gift wrapping kiosk near entrance

Preobrazhenskaya 27 (Преображенская)
Tel: 34-60-49
Fax: 37-71-37

Open 9 am - 7 pm

If your eyeglasses are broken in Odessa, this is the best eyeglass store in Odessa, with quick, excellent service and low prices. Also sell brand name eyeglasses and sunglasses for low prices.

Greeting Cards
Dom Kenegy
Deribasovskaya 27 (Дерибасовская)
Second floor
Tel: 22-74-50

10am-6pm, lunch 1pm-2pm Closed all holidays

Post Offices
Most post offices also have crediting cards, the Central post office at Sadovaya 10 (Садовая) has two kiosks, seepost offices

Grocery Stores
Soya 21 (Соя ХХI / "Country Life")
Preobrazhenskaya 66 (Преображенская)
Between Troitskaya (Троицкая) and Uspenskaya (Успенская)
Tel: 28-14-23

For vegetarians and vegans, try (Country Life). If you blink, you might miss it, but although humble, Country Life sells fresh tofu and other vegetarian delights such as eggless pound cake.

Rishelevskaya 7 (Ришельевская)

Gastranom 1 (photo)
Corner of Preobrazhenskaya Street and Deribasovskaya
One of the best grocery stores in Odessa, which also has Cuban cigars

Red Sail (Aleigh Parusa/Алые Паруса)
Ekaterininskaya 14 (Екатерининская)
Tel: 25-34-38
***Open 24 hours***
Master card, Visa accepted

Robin Bobbin (робин-бобин)
Malaya Arnautskaya 79 (Малая Арнаутская )
Pastera 19 (Пастера)

Rorus Supermarket (Рорус Супермаркет)
Generala Petrova 51 (Генерала Петрова)
Tel: 65-80-04

Marshala Zjukova Ave. 5a (Маршала Жукова проспект)
Tel: 49-94-20

This is a huge western-type supermarket, with prices comparable to the dirty and noisy bazaars, although it is located outside of the center.

Troitskaya 54 (Троицкая)
Tel: 24-90-40
Tel/Fax: 34-49-04
Email: troi@farlep.net
This grocery store is also one of the most expensive. But many western products can be found here that are difficult to find in Odessa.

Gastranom 1 (Гастроном 1)
Preobrazhenskaya 34 (Преображенская)

Tel: 34-74-40

This grocery store is also one of the most expensive. But many western products can be found here that are difficult to find in Odessa. The store wraps presents at the cigarette kiosk inside.

Typical Grocery Stores in OdessaIn Russian, food shops can be called produkti (продукти), magazine (магазин), or gastronom (гастроном), and are absolutely everywhere.

If you're looking for a budget meal, or fixings for a picnic to the beach, a small army of local grocery stores provide a wide selection. You can usually find bread, cheese, sausages, yogurt, some fruits, ice-cream, and a selection of sodas, beers, juices and vodkas, as well as the usual dried and dairy products. In most cases, prices will be extremely inexpensive. You may have to ask and pay for different food items (e.g. bread, dairy, cookies, etc.) at different counters, as most smaller shops are not "touch-me" stores, where you can browse the shelves and read labels. Most of these small stores carry nothing but groceries and a few detergents.It is a good idea to bring your own plastic bag to carry your purchases, otherwise you will have to pay for one.

Troitsky, Tsentralny Supermarkets

There are some more up-scale supermarkets, where you can walk the aisles with a shopping cart at a more leisurely pace. Both of these stores specialize in imported foods and liquor, and are more expensive than the usual neighborhood shops. You can, however, get your cheese and meats sliced for sandwiches or pay by credit card.

Language Studies, Russian

Laundry Mat/ Laundry Facilities
There are no laundry mats in Odessa, only dry cleaning firms (Прачечные)
To clean your clothes, you have three options:

  • Purchase special hand-washing laundry powder and wash them yourself, as all Odessites do
  • For 20 Hryvnia, hire a babushka (old woman) to wash them for you.
  • Centralnaya, Chernoye More (Black Sea), Kempinsky, and Krasnaya hotel have laundry services.

Business X
Tel: 47-87-25 (ask for Sergi)

8 am - 5 pm
3 Hryvnia for each kilogram (2.5 pounds)

For linen and jeans, there is a reliable and inexpensive firm. The pickup the clothing at your home, clean and presses all your laundry, and deliver it within one to two days. We have used this firm for the past year.

When we asked for the firm's address and business name, the firm refused to give it out.

Himchistka (Химчистка)
Preobrazhenskaya 48 (Преображенская)
Tel: 22-03-53

Pushkinskaya 55 (Пушкинская)
Tel: 25-29-36

Kims (Кимс)
Kanatnaya 55 (Канатная)
Tel: 728-62-68
Email: kims@tm.odessa.ua

Lingerie Shop
Miledi Sharm (Мiледi Шарм)
Troitskaya 60 (Троицкая)
Tel: 714-40-50
Open 10 am - 8 pm

Mosque, see religious organizations

Dom Kenegy
Deribasovskaya 27 (Дерибасовская)
Second floor
Tel: 22-74-50

10am-6pm, lunch 1pm-2pm Closed all holidays

The two underground walkways to the train station.

Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) (Греческая Площадь)
Behind the Dom Kenegy bookstore is the book, illegal money exchange, and pirated CD bazaar on Grecheskaya Square.

Marriage Agencies
A convenient way to meet some of Odessa's most beautiful women.

Gogolya 12 (Гоголя)
Tel: 54-88-46
Email: premier@paco.net

Lazareva 59 (Лазарева) office 1
Tel: 714-50-93

Ukrainian Princess
Dobrovolskaya 70 (Добровольского) office 241
Email: profile@ukrainianprincess.com

Mobile telephones

Golden Telecom
Vitse-Admirala Zhukova 3/7
(Вице-адмирала Жукова)
address to subscribe to network and purchase phones and accessories
Monday -Friday 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Saturday 11: 00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Sunday closed
738-50-65 (different locations than listed address)
Osipova 25 (Осипова)
(fax also)
ks_odessa@kyivstar.ua www.kyivstar.net wap.kyivstar.net
Bunina 3 (Бунина)
Line 4 (fax also)

You can send text messages to all three of these firm's mobile phone company by the Internet from:

There is:
a pull down box for the provider,
a text box for the telephone number (minus the three digit long distant numbers, which are the first three numbers),
and a space for your message.
Click okay after you have written the message.

Movie Theaters
Ever wondered what it is like to see Julie Roberts speak flawless Russian? Odessa's movie theaters have all of the modern convinces of their western counterparts. The Russian translation in these movies is excellent. The large majority of films are American. "Odessa" theater occasionally has Russian or Ukrainian films.

Reserved seating is the norm, usually with three price structures, usually between 15-30 Hr. Ushers will guide you to your seats and will watch to make sure that you stay in your assigned place. To avoid neck aches and getting sick, do not buy seats in the first two rows.

Rodina (Родина)
Mechnikova 104 (Мечникова)
Tel: 34-62-51
Email: rodina@tm.odessa.net

Location: 10 minute walk west from train station

Formerly a public lecture hall, built in 1891-1894 by the architect Y. Dmitrienko. The building is strict renaissance style, with a large hall, corridors along the lateral sides and a very spacious entrance hall. Today it houses the Rodina theater, with two screens which can seat up to 700 people.

Deribasovskaya 22 (Дерибасовская)
Tel: 37-28-72

Location: center

Odesa (Одеса)
1/3 Spiridonovskaya (Спиридоновская)
Tel: 26-28-27

Location: center

Movie theaters outside of the center:

Zvezdneighy (Звёздный )
Geroev Stalingrada 60a (Героев Сталинграда)
Tel: 716-21-62

For other listings of movie theaters refer to "Кинотеатры" [page 185 of the 2002 Mercury Globe Ukraine yellow pages.] See "phone books" on how to purchase these yellow pages.

Office Supplies
Dom Kenegy
Deribasovskaya 27 (Дерибасовская)
Second floor
Tel: 22-74-50

10am-6pm, lunch 1pm-2pm Closed all holidays
Art supplies, second floor

Delo (Дело)
Rishelevskaya 47 (Ришельевская)
Tel: 777-30-50
Email: delo@tm.odessa.ua

Globus ("Globe"/Глобус)
Ekaterininskaya 32 (Екатерининская)
Tel: 21-74-23
Email: delton@ukr.net

Koral (Коралл)
Rishelevskaya 27 (Ришельевская)
Tel: 34-68-18

Office Supply Shop
Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) (Греческая Площадь)
Same building as Dom Kenegy
Tel: 22-74-50

9 am - 6 pm Closed Sundays

Valeca (Валуса)
Rishelevskaya 28 (Ришельевская) room 1007
Tel: 37-29-67
Tel/Fax: 24-70-54

Largest selection of paper in Odessa.

Paper products, see office supplies

Pet shops

Interesting Sight

Piranhas in a pet shop
Diskus (Диклус)
Bazarnaya 92 (Базарная)
Tel: 728-78-60
This basement pet shop has a large tank full of piranhas for sale.

Starokonny Reigh-nok
Starokony 6 (Староконный)
Tel: 732-33-86
Animal / Pet Bazaar, weekends best


Phone books

Called "golden pages" in Ukraine, an invaluable source of information for anyone staying in Odessa for any extended period of time.

Mercury Club Ukraine
Bazarnaya 63 (Базарная) 7th floor, 701
Tel/Fax: 728-83-88
Email: mgu@tm.odessa.ua

Most comprehensive phone book of the two, completely in Russian. Also includes, train schedules, Route taxi routes, and map. In the back is an index of all companies by name, and an internet address section. The book is 25 Hr. It can often be bought at the book bazaar at Grecheskaya Ploshat (square) (Греческая Площадь), many book stores, and some kiosks.

Selskohozya-ystveneighy 2 (Сельскохозяйственный)
Email: exodus@te.net.ua
Tel: 28-78-78
Tel/Fax: 34-60-19

Office in located in a gymnasium on the second floor. Take the stairs and too the right.
Phone book is free with a business card.

Photo shops, see film development
Presents, see gift wrapping

Religious Organizations
Greek orthodox and Russian Orthodox Churches, see individual entries in walking guide, or index for listing

Arab "Cultural Center" / Mosque
Rishelevskaya 49 (Ришельевская)
Tel: 37-91-60
(see also entry in this guide)

Open 10 am-6 pm

Preobrazhenskaya 37 apartment 2 (Преображенская)

Kartamyshevskaya 8 (Картамышевская)
Tel: 732-16-56

Black Sea International Seafarers' Center
Tel: 257-697
Fax: 372-269

Ms. Alla Kovtun
Executive Director, Lay Chaplain

Catholic (Католический)
Catholic Cathedral

Gavannaya 5 (Гаванная)
Tel: 23-89-90

Blessed Virgin Assumption Cathedral, Catholic Church
(Успения Пресвятой Богоматери)
Ekaterininskaya 33 (Екатерининская)
Tel: 22-17-47

Church of Christ
Central Church of Christ
Bunina 39 (Бунина), apt. 7
Tel: 35-55-27
Email: dimakol@te.net.ua

Preacher Dmitry Kolomiets

Greater Grace Church Odessa
Tel: 68-14-71

Pastor Christian Moore

Krishna (Кришна)
Vegetarianckoe Kafe (vegetarian cafe) Вегетарианское Кафе
Italyansky Blvd. 11 (Итальянский Бульвар)
Tel: 37-70-67
Email: cafelila@tm.Odessa.ua
Krishna restaurant, ask in the restaurant for location of the church

Jewish (Иудаизм)
Odessa Head Synagogue (синагога)
Evreyskaya 25 (Еврейская)
Tel: 24-36-94

Synagogue (синагога)
Odariya 5 (Одария)
Tel: 23-03-70

Mormon (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)
Lanzjeronovskaya 20 (Ланжероновская)
Tel: 715-57-91

Services 11 am to 2 pm

Presbyterian Church
Pastera 62 (Пастера)
Tel: 37-15-19

Sunday school service 10 am

The church has headphones for English speakers, with fluent Odessites who translate the entire service.

Recently renovated inside after years of bureaucracy and red tape, fundraising problems/financial troubles, and other difficulties, this church is the pride of Odessa's small Presbyterian community.

More churches are listed under "церкви" in the yellow page 464 of the 2002 Mercury Globe Ukraine yellow pages.

Rental, Apartment/Flat, see Hotel section
Rental, Automobile, see automobile rental
Repair, computers, see computer repair
Repair, electronics, see electronics repair
Russian Studies

Sauna (сауна)
Bathhouses are called "banya" (баня) in Russian the air is humid and wet, which is different from dry saunas (сауна) . There is an entire elaborate tradition around banyas.

Akva-terapium (Акватеррариум)
Sadovaya 20 (Садовая)
Tel/Fax: 26-88-18

Chernoye More Hotel (Black Sea / Чорне Море)
Rishel'evskaya 59 (Ришельевская)
Tel: 24-20-28 (administrator)
24-10-31 (reception)
Email: blacksea@te.net.ua

Korrida (Коррида)
Dvoryanskaya 18 (Дворянская)
Tel: 26-54-83

Svit Dereva (Свит Дерева)
Banya (баня)
Rishelevskaya 44/46 (Ришельевская)
Tel: 715-56-15
Tel/Fax: 714-42-34
Email: graf-2@farlep.net

Tropical Hotel (тропикал)
Krasny Zory 4/6 (Красные Зори) Southern Arcadia
Tel: 34-24-84

Second hand clothing, see clothing.

Sewing Shop
Anty (Антей)
Ekaterininskaya 35 (Екатерининская)
Tel: 22-43-75

Odessa's largest and most popular sewing shop. Incredibly inexpensive material.

Souvenir shops

Bunina 42 (Бунина)
Tel: 37-93-80
Fax: 728-62-55

12 pm - 8 pm daily
Visa and MasterCard accepted

Dozens of African pieces, Oriental murals, huge vases, and model ships

Estet Holl (Эстет Халл)
Bolshaya Arnautskaya 47 (Большая Арнаутская)
Tel: 37-31-65

Open 9 am - 9 pm
Beautiful and elegant large marble sculptures

Handcrafts, Paintings, and Souvenirs
Pushkinskaya 1 (Пушкинская)
Tel: 42-93-84

There is not much to this tiny shop. Many of the items can be bought in the park on Deribasovskaya (Дерибасовская). Though the shop does have a couple of Odessa tourist T-shirts.

Ekaterininskaya 12 (Екатерининская)
Tel: 25-13-38
email: ver-meer@farleep.net

Beautiful gallery, of particular interest is the porcelain dolls and large marble sculptures. Unfortunately staffed by snobbish and uptight employees.

Odessa Souvenirs (Odessky Soveneriegh/Одесские Сувениры)
Rishelevskaya 42 (Ришельевская)
Tel: 37-37-13

This combination office supply and souvenir shop has reasonably priced unique glass globes with Odessa theme figurines inside. It also has other souvenirs and greeting cards which are reasonably priced.

De Ribas (Де Рибас)
Deribasovskaya 18 (Дерибасовская)
tel: 49-68-87

Master Card and Visa

An expensive souvenir shop, the stairway to the second floor is flanked with two knights in armor. This shop has porcelain figurines, swords, model ships, framed photos, and pewter figurines.

Sharm (Шарм)
Ekaterininskaya 9 (Екатерининская)
Tel: 25-85-62

MasterCard and Visa

Crowded antique store with jewelry, old paintings, religious icons, and porcelain figures.

Tsvet-och-ny Passaj (Цветочный пассаж)
Preobrazhenskaya 25 (Преображенская)
On the front of the building is a large rose with the word Gallereya (Галерея ), below it.
Tel: 729-4858
In addition to being the central flower shop, it has two expensive souvenir shops.

Valenciya (Валенсия)
Ekaterininskaya 36 (Екатерининская)
Tel: 21-94-27
Open 10 am - 8 pm
Master Card and Visa

Crystal, ceramic, and porcelain figurines, very expensive shop.

Yu-vel-irn-eighy (Ювелирный)
Preobrazhenskaya 32 (Преображенская)
Tel: 22-51-77
Tel/Fax: 22-30-38

This newly renovated shop, formerly the building where Pushkin worked, carries ceramics, vases, paintings, and jewelry.

Synagogues, see Religious organizations.

Stamp shop
Filatlist (Фiлатьлисть)
Ekaterininskaya Ploshat 9 (Екатерининская Площадь)
Tel: 777-64-72

New shop opened in the summer of 2002 has large stamp collections and a small collection of coins.

Supermarkets, see Grocery stores
Theaters, see movie theaters
Translation services
Telephone directory, see phone books
Video Arcades, see sports section
Want ads, see Hotel section

Wrapping, see gift wrapping
Yellow Pages, see phone books