Pete keidl (USAE) - Witnessed the CIA overthrow of Allende on September 11, 1973

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Date: March 29, 2018 for Easter Sunday

Time: From approximately 7 pm to 9 pm.

Event: Attended Catholic mass with him for 2.5 hours.

Location: Downtown Salt Lake City

Pete Keidl: Age unknown - Around my dads age.

Appearance: Glasses, Silver Beard

Facebook page: [canceled friend request]

Occupation: Retired

Previous occupation: United State Air Force

Importance: Was in the palace on 9/11/1973 - with "suitcases full of money" when Allende was assassinated.

To do


  • Find out if "suitcases full of money by CIA when Allende was disposed on 9/11/1973" has been released by Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
    • certainly no testimony of a person "working in the same room as the CIA" has been released.

How do I find out if this guy is the real deal??

Media contacted

  • Sent to Washington Post two e-mails
no response

Pete Keidl says he was a: Vietnam Vet

  • Flew sorties over Vietnam.
  • Supplies
    • Worst Vietnam memory - KIA bodies would not be secured and the stomachs would explode and gas would come out, roll around in back.
  • Never shot down
  • Flew planes for 14 years.

Pete keidl is a: Involved with flying for Reagan during Reagan years

(Details unknown - ask if he was involved in flying drugs - etc during Sandanistas - answer unclear)

>>>> Pete keidl was working with CIA in the palace when Pinochet was deposed <<<<

  • 1973 Chilean coup d'état
  • Later at end of night: "Was in the palace when it was bombed" (?)
  • "6 of us" had briefcases full of money.
    • "Never worked with the CIA", but was in the room.
  • Said his wife did not believe him for 40 years until "it was released". (FOIA)?
    • He said until it was "declassified"
    • I told him this was not declassified yet. [Is it declassified????]
    • He said it was secret. For the third time @915 pm, I said I had local reporter friend, would you like to talk to her?
    • He started to stammer
  • I said the first 9/11? He initially did not know what I was talking about.

Pete keidl: How we met

  • Walking to state capital
    • my phone was dead from taking pictures
      • Recording was not made. (phone dead)
    • i was looking in window of bookstore
    • he spit tobacco
    • I said "you are not Mormon are you?"
    • we started talking
  • He was walking to Catholic Church.

Pete keidl: Habits - Personal

  • Catholic
  • Chews tobacco
  • VFW -- Member of Veterans of Foreign Wars.
  • Daughter is a microbiologist - went to school for 13 years.

Pete keidl USAE

Musings - coincidences only??

Occam's razor

April fools is Sunday

  • Actor?
    • Who benefits from me looking stupid at this very moment [April 1st - Easter and April Fools Day]?
      • Old job with Hetri.
        • "Accidental" text from C. - IT guy today in the afternoon, with many other people [cc'd in telephone call].
          • C. is an EXPERT at computers - he is deeply intertwined with Hetri.
          • I put all my passwords on computer that C. now has.
        • I responded with a barrage against him, about cease and desist.
      • Information I gave to "Pete"
        • BAD: I gave Pete my exact address while walking home.
        • BAD: "Used to work at W.C."
        • BAD: I sent a facebook request, but then deleted it before he could respond

(etc. etc.)

  • This is an open wiki.
  • Didn't mention Allende until the end of two hour catholic service and trips to bathroom.
    • After I went to bathroom.
  • A2 this week in P..

Other musings

  • Bought ticket to Russia to go to Russia on March 27 [two days befpre].
  • While in Russia 2015 -
    • G.I. said "the CIA is Everywhere" conversation next to his house in Moscow, while he was still living with V.I.
    • Head down, very calm and very slowly said, emphasis on each word. [wanted me to hear it]
  • I mentioned to Pete Keidl - G.I.'s story about 6 billion dollars getting funneled to Ukraine through Australian embassy.
    • But who knows if this is true because Russians lie like we drink water.

This Facebook Russian speaker yesterday (3/28/18) posted (shared) the below scripture above my face on his own feed.

  • He is now sharing several of my posts from [Ukraine?? I don't recall the conversation where he is from].