Guide to Foreign Funding Sources Available to Ukrainian Non Profits (2002)

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Guide to Foreign Funding Sources Available to Ukrainian Non Profits (2002)

The Innovation and Development Centre (IDC), a Ukrainian non-profit organization, proudly presents this third edition of the directory of foreign donor opportunities for Ukrainian initiatives. In response to overwhelming demand from non-profit organizations across the country, the IDC has updated and expanded this directory to include a wider range of opportunities...

This 2002 edition has been further expanded and edited to include a larger number of foundations, governmental programs and international organizations to provide even more funding opportunities. Because of the increasingly growing influence and importance of the Internet in grant seeking, this edition focuses more on the use of the Internet than the previous two editions.

Research for this guide was conducted through March - June of 2002. Information regarding each organization, their program priorities and activities was carefully checked for accuracy and applicability to Ukraine. The IDC contacted each organization in order to obtain current information and a detailed description of their programming. Additionally, each organization was encouraged to tailor its information to the Ukrainian audience. Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented, yet as granting priorities and organizations rapidly change, the accompanying contact information and programming may also be subject change...

The IDC would like to acknowledge the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation for providing continual support and assistance to the development of the Ukrainian third sector. Additionally, the IDC thanks U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer David Koenig for assisting with the 2000 guide. The IDC would also like to thank U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers Travis Bailey and Patrick M. Breiding for their work on the 2002 guide.

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