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7 Kilometers Bazaar

"A must see"

7 Kilometers Bazaar
(located just west of the airport)

The Nickname "толчок" (Tol-chok / to push or shove in Russian) is a fitting one for this bazaar, on the weekends this bazaar is incredibly crowded, and a person can hardly move. It is always best to go very early in the morning.

This huge bazaar located 7 kilometers outside of town and is one of the largest in Ukraine and the world, spanning several acres. Vendors sell everything you could possibly ever want from thousands of containers. The prices at 7 kilometers are the best in Ukraine. There are a lot imposter brand names here, and the quality of many of the good is poor.


How to get to 7 Kilometers:
From Central Odessa:

  • Bus 3 from the train station (вокзал)
  • Marshutka (minivan) 171 from the train station (вокзал)
  • Bus 4 from 10th of April Square (10 Апреля Площадь)
  • Bus 5 from Aleksandrovsky Ave. (Александровский проспект) and Zjukovskovo (Жуковского)
  • Bus 8 from the main bus station (автовокзал)
  • Marshutka (minivan) 12 from Odariya (Одария) (at the bridge dividing Central Odessa from Northern Odessa)
  • Marshutka (minivan) 20 Belniskovo (Белинского) and Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко)

Entrance sign to 7 kilometers

From Southern Odessa:

From Northern Odessa:

  • Marshutka (minivan) 6 from Akademeka Zabolotnogo (Академика Заболотного)
  • Marshutka (minivan) and bus 16 Generala Bocharova (Генерала Бочарова) and Dobrovolskaya (Добровольского)

From Western Odessa:

  • Marshutka (minivan) 22 from Krainyaya (Крайняя)
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Thanks to the 7 kilometer's woman's shoe container, number 5330
(telephone number 64-47-09; 8-067-92-15-920)
For allowing our photographer photos on top of their container

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