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Lanzjeron Beach, Otrada beach, Black Sea Yacht Club and nudist beach


Lanzjeron Beach (Плаж Ланжерон)
Tel: 22-22-01
webcam: odessa.ukrtel.net/webcam3.htm (currently not working)

A 1.5 hour walk north of Arcadia, 45 minutes north of Otrada beach (below) and the cable cars, and just East of Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко)

Lanzjeron Beach is much quieter than Arcadia and the closest beach to the city center.
It is more than a kilometer long and 40 meters wide.

A large yellow shell rock marks the border between the Lanzjeron and Otrada beaches.

Photo from: www.sergeyv.com

Otrada beach
Otrada beach is easy to recognize by the cable cars. For 3 Hryvna one way, visitors can take the cable cars down to the beach, which takes about 5 minutes. The cable way is 425 meters long with the cars moving just over 16 meters above the ground.

Photo from: www.l6.hotmail.ru/3portscup2003.htm

Black Sea Yacht Club (Chernomorsky Yacht Klub / Черноморский Яхт клуб)
Otrada Beach (Плаж Отрада)
Tel: 728-74-74

The Yacht club is Odessa's oldest sport organization, organized in 1875. Today the yacht club has fallen into disrepair. Many Odessites have small homes built in some of the shipping containers that line the port.

Delfin Beach
South of the Yacht Club, this beach is one kilometer long, up to fifty meters wide, and was founded in 1968.

From klod5 virtualtourist.com

Chkalovsky Nudist Beach (Плаж Чкаловский)
Located south of Delfin beach and north of Arcadia.
The beach is below the Chkalova (Чкалова) Sanatorium, Frantsuzsky Blvd. 85 (Французский Бульвар) and the botanical gardens

Simply ask other pedestrians for " Chkalovsky Plazj".


The origin of the name Lanzjeron beach
Count Lanzjeron second governor of Novarussia (new Russia)/Odessa
Like Richelieu, Count Alexander Flodorvich Lanzjeron was born in Paris, in 1763. His career began in the French guard, but in 1790 he enlisted in the Russian army. In 1799 after becoming a lieutenant general he accepted Russian citizenship.

In 1815 he became governor of Novarussia. Exports continue to grow under his rule, to 40 million rubles in 1817. Lanzjeron opened the Richelieu institute. The institute was only for the elite, only the children of merchants and Greek-immigrants could enroll. During Lanzjeron's tenure, the construction of the Botanical Gardens and Primorsky Boulevard began

The most far reaching legislation in Lanzjeron's term was that the port of Odessa was pronounced a free port in 1819, a port that allowed the selling and storing of imported goods with no customs duties. (for more on the free port see history)

Lanzjeron built a summerhouse at the seashore, with today's Lanzjeron archway at the entrance. This is how today's Lanzjeron Beach got its name.

Lanzjeron left Odessa in the summer of 1822.

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