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Arcadia and Several Other Beaches


"A Must See"

Arcadia (Пляж Аркадия)
Tel: 746-60-10
Arcadia district and beach was named after a mountainous district in Greece, which was known as the home of content pastoral villagers. The founders of Odessa chose this name for this area in the hopes it would help make is a success as a holiday resort. It worked, today Arcadia is the most popular beach, health resort, and nightspot in Odessa.Arcadia has twenty sanatoriums. These sanatoriums treat cardiovascular diseases, nervous system, and respiratory diseases.


Arcadia Beach entrance, Arcadia Beach sun bathers (From Corbis.com)

Arcadia Walkway
Arcadia walkway entrance

Arcadia Beach

Rotunda Restaurant

Chaika Beach (Плаж Чайка)
10th station Fountain / Fountainskaya Doroga [Tram stop] (Фонтанская дорога)

Part of the Bolshoy Fountain (Бальшой Фонтон) district.

Bolshoy Fountain, meaning Big Fountain, got its name when water was in short supply in Odessa. Drinking water for Odessa at the time was acquired by ground springs near the sea. Three of these springs were so big they were labeled fountains:

  • The fountain near the center was smallest. "Small Fountain"
  • The fountain, which is located where Arcadia is today, was in the middle. "Middle Fountain"
  • And the fountain at to today's "Bolshoy Fountain" was the biggest.
    Each area was named for the strength of their fountains, but only the name "Bolshoy Fountain" has survived today.

Black sea From tanechka at virtual tourist.com

Kurortny beach (Плаж Курортный)
13th station Fountain / Fountainskaya Doroga (Фонтанская дорога) [Tram stop]

Zalatoy (golden) beach (Плаж Золотой)
16th station Fountain / Fountainskaya Doroga (Фонтанская дорога) [Tram stop]

From this point is an excellent view of the Bolshoy Fountain cape (Большой Фонтан) and the Odessa lighthouse. The Odessa lighthouse stands the same height as the Vorontsov Lighthouse, at 27 meters. The light from its beacon is visible from a distance of 20 nautical miles.

Further to the west is the resort Chernomorka.
To the Southwest you can see the cranes and lighthouse of Ilichyovsk.

From virtualtourist.com

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