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Bus Transport: Local and Cross-country

Local bus travel

Local bus near book bazaar

Trams and Trolley Bus
Public city transport operates from 6 am to 1 am. Trams and trolley buses tend to be crammed tight with people but are a cheap way of traveling around Odessa (Only 50 kopeck in the city). Often you have to stand.

You purchase tickets from the conductor. Insist on a ticket, because sometimes the conductor does not issue a ticket and pockets the money. If you are caught without a ticket, you will be fined around 10-20 Hryvna.

Trams and trolley buses have fixed stops only.

Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) (Греческая Площадь) is the main transport hub in the center, located behind the Dom Kenege bookstore.
(west of the Deribasovskaya McDonald's (Дерибасовская), slightly east of the gor-saud (Deribasovskaya park))

Trolley bus 5 from the train station goes to Arcadia beach (last stop).
Trolley bus 9 from Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) travels to one street east of the train station.

Marshutkas are route taxis /minivans / microbuses that cost one hryvna to go to all of the city destinations. (Slightly more for far north and south destinations)
Look for these two signs inside the marshutka:

Оплата при Входе
Pay when entering

Оплата при Выходе
Pay when leaving

It is okay to flag a marshutka and ask if it is going to a particular location.

Marshutkas will stop at any time a passenger asks. Yell "zdes" (here).

From Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) (Греческая Площадь) :

Marshutka number 195, which travels along Preobrazhenskaya (Преображенская) travels to Arcadia.
Marshutka number 175, 185, 148, and 150 travel to the train station. Marshutka number 9, the busiest marshutka in Odessa, travels to one street east of the train station. These five marshutkas are usually available with no wait time.
Marshutka number 133,149 travels to Privoz bazaar.

Cross-Country Bus Transport

8412; 17 index card Older bus
8412; 18, 19 index card Privoz bus station

Inter-city buses tend to be old, overcrowded and more uncomfortable than train travel. If you do decide to travel by bus we strongly recommend Avto Luks (below).

If travelling to a city near Odessa it is Recommended you take a marshutka (route taxi) or buses because local trains stop often and take considerable amounts of time to arrive at the destination.

Central Bus Station No 1
Kolontaevskaya 58 (Коллонтаевская)
Tel: 732-56-90

Bus schedule from Kiev to Odessa

There are four other minor bus stations in Odessa:

Kuibesheva 26 (Куйбышева)
One street North of Privoz bazaar
No 2 34-45-90
Novobazarnaya 3 (Новобазарная)
At novy Reigh-nok (bazaar)
No 3 23-82-17
Kosmonavtov 22a (Космонавтов)
At Cheremushky bazaar (Черемушки), Southern Odessa
No 4 65-80-47
Panteleimonovskaya 61 (Пантелеймоновская)
At Privoz bazaar
No 5 22-21-56
AvtoLuks (Автолюкс)
Kiev (central office)
(центр. офис) (044) 443-84-39
Kiev (office at central bus station)
(офис на центр. автобусный вокзал) (044) 265-05-23
Odessa (central office)
(центр. офис) 37-73-92
Odessa (office at central bus station)
(офис на центр. автобусный вокзал) 732-57-91
Email: info@autolux.ua

The four-year-old firm is a high-end bus company, serving many of the major cities in Ukraine. A nicely attired stewardess serves drinks and refreshments to passengers and two televisions show video movies throughout the trip. A bathroom and air conditioner is available onboard. Travelers may also take advantage of mobile phone service.

KIEV-ODESSA (Киев - Одесса) 57 Hryvnia
Borispol Airport-Odessa (Аэропорт (А/П) Борисполь -Одесса) 85 Hryvnia

From Borispol Airport
(Аэропорт (А/П) Борисполь)

Kiev Central
Bus station* (Киев)
Odessa Central
Bus station* (Одесса)
6:40 AM
7:30 AM
10:35 AM
(3:20 pm)
11:55 AM
12:45 PM
(3:55 pm)
(10:35 pm)
15:45 (3:45 pm)
(4:30 pm)
(7:50 pm)
(12:15 am)
21:10 (9:10 pm)
22:00 pm
(10:00 pm)
1:15 AM
5:50 AM


ODESSA-KIEV (Одесса- Киев) 57 Hryvnia
Odessa- Borispol Airport (Одесса- Аэропорт (А/П) Борисполь) 85 Hryvnia

Central Bus Station*
Kiev Central
Bus station*
Borispol Airport
(Аэропорт (А/П) Борисполь)
7:30 AM 11:50 AM 15:10
(3:10 pm)
(4:15 pm)
12:30 PM 17:05
(5:05 pm)
(10:40 pm)
(9:25 pm)
(10:30 pm)
2:55 AM 6:35 AM 7:15 AM
(11:55 pm)
3:50 AM 7:20 AM 8:00 AM
* центр. автобусный вокзал

Children 5 to 10 years old get a 25% price discount.

Transport from the airport to Kiev (18 times a day) and Kiev to the airport (10 times a day) is available for 20 Hryvnia. Check the web site for times available.

There is a small stand for Autolux and the bus stops in front of the Train station in Kiev (in front of McDonalds) before going to the central bus station. Tickets can be purchased here.

A transport baggage service between cities (baggage is stored and picked up at the bus station) is also available for a nominal fee, check the web page for more information.

Odessa Central Bus Station
Buses leave from the central bus station (центр. автобусный вокзал), at Kolontaevskaya 58 (Коллонтаевская) (Telephone: 32-56-93)

Getting to the bus station

  • Tram called Tramvay (Трамвайные)) 5 from Arcadia to the train station (in front of McDonalds) to the bus station.
  • Marshutka (minivan) 235 Train station to the bus station.
  • Marshutka (minivan) 8 from 7 kilometers bazaar (рынок 7) to the bus station.
  • Bus called Avtoboos (Автобус) 235
    Corners of:
    Staroportofrankovskaya (Старопортофранковская) and Panteleimonovskaya (Пантелеймоновская)
    Panteleimonovskaya and Rishelevskaya (Пантелеймоновская& Ришельевская)
    Italyansky Blvd. (Итальянский Бульвар) and Srednefontanskaya (Среднефонтанская) (east side of train station)

There is another bus service from the Kiev airport called Polit, telephone number 296-7367.