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Two of Odessa's universities

Odessa State University (Одесский Государственный университет)
Dvoryanskaya 2 (Дворянская)
Between Shchepkina (Щепкина) and Pastera (Пастера)
Tel: 23-52-54

The building was constructed between 1852-1857 for the Richelieu institute (originally at Deribasovskaya 16 (Дерибасовская)). The architect Alexander Shashin planned the building. Before the Soviet revolution it was known as the Novorossisk (New Russian) University.

In 1865, the famous Russian surgeon Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov, at the time one of the members of the Board of Education, encouraged that it was upgraded into a university.

(For more on Pirogov see the Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov page)

Vladmir Havkin graduated from Odessa State University. He was a bacteriologist who developed cholera and plague vaccines.

The university is also known as Menchikov University. Illya Menchikov helped build the first center for the studies of rabies in Ukraine and Russia. In 1908 he won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

There is a plaque with his bust, to the left of the entrance, it states:

In this building, prominent scientist,
Nobel Prize winner Illya Mechnikov
worked from 1870 to 1882

(Mechikov also worked at Lva Tolstovo 4)

In 1975, on the 30th anniversary of the end of World War Two, a monument was unveiled as a memorial to the university staff and students who died in the war.

The memorial states:

People! While your hearts are beating - remember!
What price we paid for (conquered) our happiness - remember!

The university has six institutes and eight faculties. The university has over 13,000 students, 500 which are foreign citizens from 25 countries of the world.

The university also has 17 independent research laboratories, a botanical garden, a paleontology, zoological, and hydro-mineralogical museum.

Left of the entrance, the five memorial plaques on the wall state:

In this building, prominent physicist, astrophysicist,
cosmologist of XX century Georgy Antonovich Gamov
studied in 1921-1922 (1904 -1968)

In this building, outstanding psychologist,
Professor David Genrikhovich Elkin worked from 1930 to 1976
In this building, prominent zoologist,
University Rector,
Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Honoured Scientist, Professor Mykola Opanasovich Savchuk
studied and worked from 1927 to 1976
(1899 -1976)
In Odessa University, prominent microbiologist
and epidemiologist, President of the
Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic,
Academician Danilo Kirilovich Zabolotny
studied and worked in 1885-1891.
In this building, great Russian physiologist
Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov
worked from 1871 to 1876
Refrigeration Academy (Академия холода)
Dvoryanskaya 1/3 (Дворянская)
Between Shchepkina (Щепкина) and Pastera (Пастера)

Across the courtyard from Odessa State Univerity is a large gray building, the Refrigeration Academy. It was built from 1936-1940 and designed by architect Adolph Minskus. High above the entryway are four broad chested men in different poses, another excellent example of Soviet era art.

The memorial next to the entrance states:

In this building, prominent Soviet scientist,
University Rector,
Professor Vladimir Sergeyevich Martynovsky
worked from 1948 to 1973
(1906 -1973)

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