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Odessa Lutheran church and Medical University

Christ's Christmas Church
(Церковь Рождества Христова)
Pastera 5 (Пастера)
Tel: 23-82-25

Memorial Plaque
Sofievskaya 10 (Софиевская)
On this building are two memorial plaques:
In this building, great Russian mathematician
Oleksandr Mikhailovich Lyapunov
lived from 1917 to 1918 (1857 -1918)
The plaque with the two drama masks states:
In this building, prominent Ukrainian Soviet actor,
director, National Artist of USSR
Vasil' Stepanovich Vasilko has lived from 1948 to 1972

Photo by Galen Frysinger
World War Two war memorial at Odessa Medical University

Valihovsky 2 (Валиховский) Pedestrian street only
Monument is located at 12 Valihovsky (Валиховский), which is approximately Pastera 5 (Пастера)

The inscription on the memorial reads:

The best memory for them is not roses or laurel wreaths,
but the glorious accomplishments, labor and deeds of
those of us who are alive.

To students, teachers, professors, graduated doctors,
co-workers of Odessa Medical Institute
who perished fighting for their Motherland.

Lutheran Church
Novoselskovo 68 (Новосельского)
Corner of Dvoryanskaya (Дворянская)
This beautiful church was unfortunately gutted by fire before it ever opened for services.

Memorial Plaque
Novoselskovo 93 (Новосельского)
In 1863-1865 great Bulgarian poet-revolutionary
Hristo Botev studied in the former 2nd Gymnasium.


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