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Tolstoy Monument
Courtyard with well. Novoselskovo 84
Memorial Plaque
Novoselskovo 93
In 1863-1865 great Bulgarian poet-revolutionary
Hristo Botev studied in the former 2nd Gymnasium

 Four sculptures at Nezjinskaya 58
Tolstoy Monument
Lva Tolstogo Square
(Льва Толстого Площадь)
End of Lva Tolstovo Street
(Льва Толстово)

Memorial Plaques
Lva Tolstovo 4 (Льва Толстово)

In 1886-1888, the first Russian
bacteriological station,
created by Illya I. Mechnikov
and M.F. Gamaleya, was located here.

(More on Mechnikov can be
found under Odessa State University)

Lva Tolstovo 9 (Льва Толстого)
In Mariinsky Gymnasium the
prominent opera singer
A.V. Nezhdanova studied
here from 1885 to 1889.

In this school the intelligence scout
Nikolai Arturovich Geft studied from 1923 to 1926.

(Nikolai Arturovich Geft was a partisan during Soviet occupation. Click here for more information)



Electrical power transformer
(First photo at Degtyarnaya 5 (Дегтярная) (corner of Tiraspolskaya (Тираспольская))

Power transformers throughout Odessa
These power transformers can be found throughout Odessa. They are reportedly Belgian built, and convert high wattage power to lower power for commercial and residential use.

Sculpture at Perecoisky Most
(Пересоиский Мост)

Border to Kotovsky district

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