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Odessa Prison, Memorial Gate, & WW II memorial plaque with statue
Lustdorfskaya Doroga 9 (Люстдорфская дорога)
Across the street from the cemetery is a large prison. Because of a lack of funding, conditions in Ukrainian prisons are horrendous.

Memorial Gate
Located in a large field [Serednny Square (Серединный Сквер)] across the street from the cemetery, on Lustdorfskaya Doroga (Люстдорфская дорога)


The inscription on this large concrete monument states:

On the night of March 1st to
March 2nd 1919, at this gate,
the members of the
Board of Foreign Propaganda /
"Foreign Board"/
of Odessa Underground Regional
Committee of the Bolshevik
Communist Party of Ukraine
were shot by French interventionists.

Memorial plaque
Vodoprovodnaya Street 14

Renowned scientist, the founder of
the modern theory of calculation and
design of steel ropes, Doctor of
Science, Professor Mihail
Fedorovich Glushko worked in our
company from 1960 to 1988.

World War Two memorial plaque and statue
Vodoprovodnaya Street 1 (Водопроводная)
Just west of Starosennaya Ploshat (Square) (Старосенная Площадь) and the train station, next to the tram garage

To workers of Odessa
tramway-trolleybus committee,
who gave their
lives fighting with the
fascist aggressors during the
Great Patriotic War 1941-1945

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