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Deribasovskaya street (Дерибасовская)

De Ribas monument
Down a slight hill, at the eastern start of Deribasovskaya Street is a bronze jovial life sized statue of De Ribas .
Deribasovskaya Street is named after him.

Nikolai Arturovich Geft Memorial plaque
Deribasovskaya 3 (Дерибасовская)

In this building Nikolai Arturovich Geft,
a legendary intelligence scout, lived from 1943 to 1944.

Nikolai Arturovich Geft was a Soviet reconnaissance officer who secretly returned to Odessa in 1943. Geft befriended some of the Germans at the ship repair yard and became an engineer. Geft helped sabotage many of the ships as they were being repaired. His group distributed leaflets and helped free partisans from Nazi prisons. As the Nazi's retreated Geft's group prevented the Nazi's from destroying the shipyard. Geft's group was never discovered. In August 1944 Geft died in action in Poland

(There is a memorial plaque where Geft studied at Lva Tolstovo 9 (Льва Толстово))

Lenin's brother's home
Deribasovskaya 4

Lenin's brother, Dmitry lived in this building from 1901 to 1903. He was active in the communist party and a medical officer. He helped smuggle in from abroad and distribute his brother's newspaper "Iskra" in Southern Ukraine.

State bank
Deribasovskaya 8 (Дерибасовская)

This bank is on the south side corner of Deribasovskaya and Rishelevskaya (Ришельевская)

Boat structure on Deribasovskaya


Soviet-era Painting inside Antarktika


Black Sea Fishing Association "Antarktika"
Deribasovskaya 14 (Дерибасовская)
North side corner of Ekaterininskaya street (Екатерининская)

Radio Station 102.2
Deribasovskaya 15 (Дерибасовская)
webcam: odessa.ukrtel.net/webcam2.htm
(corner of Rishelevskaya)

This is the only modern building on Deribasovskaya, with colorful and unusual Native-American-type paintings along the outcropping roof, during the Soviet Union it was the restaurant Bratislava, today, through a large glass window along Ekaterininskaya Street (Екатерининская) is the radio station 102.2 (www.radiofil.com.ua), which passerby's can see broadcasting live. Because of this novelty, in the evening often a large group of Odessa teenagers sit outside the station on the stairs and loiter on the sidewalk.

Memorial plaque on Ukranska Lasunka Restaurant (Ласунка)
Deribasovskaya 17 (Дерибасовская)
(corner of Rishelevskaya)
The memorial plaque reads:

In this building the artist
Vasily Vasilyevich Kandinsky lived in 1901

"Odessa in 19th century" Richelieu Institute 1850's page 101

Richelieu Institute in the 1850's

Former Richelieu institute
Deribasovskaya 16 (Дерибасовская)

Is a two story building, formerly the Richelieu institute, founded in 1817. Pushkin visited often. His poetry, officially banned in the country for its political overtones, was hand copied and passed from student to student of the institute. Today it is several nondescript stores. (The institue was named after Odessa's first mayor, Duke Armand Emmanual Richelieu)

On the building is a memorial plaque:

Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev taught here,
in Odessa Richelieu Liceum, in 1855-1856.

In Odessa Mendeleev worked on the relationships between the crystal forms and the chemical composition of substances. Later he worked at the University of Saint Petersburg (1867-90) as a chemistry professor, a post that he resigned from in protest against the administration's treatment of student petitions for reform. Mendeleev greatest contribution to chemistry was that he arranged the chemical elements on the periodical table of elements, based on their atomic weights. He also predicted the existence of three elements before scientists discovered them.

The second memorial plaque states:

In this building great Polish poet
Adam Mitskevich lived in 1825

Mitskevich was exiled from Poland for his participation in revolutionary activities. He was originally supposed to teach in the institute, but at first there was no teaching vacancy, and then the czarist authorities decided he should not remain in the south.


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