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Dom Kenegy Book store & Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square)

Catholic Church
Gavannaya 5 (Гаванная)
Just North of Deribasovskaya (Дерибасовская) and Dom Kenegy book store
Tel: 23-89-90

Former catholic church

Dom Kenegy (the "book house" in Russian)
Deribasovskaya 27 (Дерибасовская)

Open: 10am-7 pm, lunch 1pm-2pm Closed all holidays

Odessa's largest bookstore, Dom Kenegy sells the English Economist magazine. For more on English literature available in Odessa, click here. Dom Kenegy also sells post cards / greeting cards, gift wrapping, office supplies upstairs, and maps.


Exterior of Dom Kenegy on a shady afternoon

Bookstore building as seen from Grecheskaya Ploshat (Греческая Площадь), this building has four bookstores, including Dom Kenegy bookstore, a medical book store, a second hand books store, and a smaller book store specializing in children's books. It also has an office supply and grocery store

Most honest vendor in Grecheskaya Ploshat (Греческая Площадь)

Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) (Греческая Площадь)
Behind the Dom Kenegy bookstore is the book, illegal money exchange, and illegal, pirated CD bazaar on Grecheskaya square.

Before independence, a large, dilapidated, three-story apartment building stood on the square. It was torn down after independence. Various problems with funding prohibited any contractor from building. For years this square stood barren. Many argued that the square should remain empty. But in early 2002, a large six-story building began to be built on the square.

Opened in 2001, the Lukomore Mini-reighnok has fewer vendors than the book bazaar across the square. Vendors here tend not to be as honest as the vendors across the street.

Grecheskaya square bazaar, Book,
illegal money exchange, and pirated CD bazaar

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