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Katherine the Great Fresco



The statue to Katherine the Great may have been destroyed, but overlooking the Potemkin sailor monument, which took its place, is a Katherine the Great fresco. It is located directly above Estrellita restaurant (Ekaterininskaya Street 1(Екатерининская)) on the third floor.



Building of architectural distinction
Ekaterininskaya 2 (Екатерининская)
Across the street from Estrellita restaurant

This building has one male sculpture supporting the balcony (Above). On the balcony stands a female sculpture (Below).

Sculpture on Sabaniyev Most 17
(Сабанеев мост), Sea Transport Bank

P.S. Stolyarskava Musical School
Sabaniyev Most 9 (Сабанеев мост)
This school was built in 1938-1939 by the architect F. Trodiyansky. The first headmaster was Solomonovich Stolyarsky, which the school is named after.

Ivy on building at Ekaterininskaya Ploshat
(Екатерининская Площадь)

Wooden sculpture in school yard
across the street from the music school

Sculpture on building across
the street from the music school

Notice how delapitated the balcony is,
it appears near collapse