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Scientist's Club & Odessa's many "dry" bridges


Sabaniyev Most [bridge]

Odessa's many "dry" bridges
Despite having no rivers or streams draining into the Black Sea, Odessa has many bridges. The city was built on a level plateau, but it was crisis-crossed by numerous dry gullies. Several bridges link the city to overcome this geographical problem.

Sabaniyev Most [bridge] (Сабанеев мост), next to the Scientist's Club is a three-arched stone bridge built by engineer Alexi Kazarinov in 1831. It was restored in 1866. The prominent General Ivan Sabaniyev, who was a veteran of the 1812 War, lived nearby when it was first constructed, so early Odessites began to call the bridge by his name.

Historic photo of the Sabaniyev Most (Сабанеев мост)

"Odessa in 19th century" Sabaniyev Bridge, 1837
S O (Russian) , page 155 photo of Sabaniyev Bridge

Courtyard of the Scientist's Club

Sabaniyev Most 4 (Сабанеев мост)

This house was built in two stages between almost seventy years 1830-1897.

The house began as a one story home built in 1830 by an unknown architect.

In 1897 the Odessa Opera Theater architects, Ferdinand Felner and Herman Gelmer, designed a two story addition to the house. Its facade copies the style of the Italian baracco. The thirty-three halls in this building are rich in decoration and very elegant. In 1975 the building was restored.

Next to the building is a landscaped garden, designed by F. Duphen in the 1880's. The garden is encircled by a cast iron railing on a high stone base.

Since 1932 the building has been used as the Odessa Scientist's Club.

Scientist's Club stairway

Scientist's Club archway

Scientist's Club engraving

Building of architectural distinction
Sabaniyev Most 7
(Сабанеев мост)]

Across the street from the Odessa Scientist's Club this gray building was designed by V. Kabiolsky and built in 1893-1894. Notice the five busts flanking the third floor of the building above the windows.