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Shah's palace

Shah's palace Shah-ski Dvorets (шахский дворец)
Gogolya 2 (Гоголя)

This building was built in 1851-1852. The architect was F. Gonsiorovsky. (Gonsiorovsky also designed Gogolya 6, and the Economic University) Gonsiorovsky was striving to make a structure similar to medieval castles with their battlements, towers, and grand arched entrances leading to an inner courtyard. The building was originally owned by a local rich landowner. It was later turned over to the city.

Shah's palace from Klod5 at virtualtourist.com

In 1909 Mohammed Ali, the Shah of Iran, was overthrown during the revolution of 1905-1911 and fled to Odessa. The city leased him this building. Since then it is known as the Shah's palace by Odessites.

During the Soviet Union it housed the Amateur Arts Club.

After several months of restoration work, it was reopened as a bank in early 2002.

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