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The Odessa Guide

Frantsuzsky Blvd. (Французский Бульвар)
This cobblestone boulevard is the most beautiful street in Odessa.

The street was originally named Malofountainskaya but in 1902, to honor the visit of France's Nikoli the Second, the street was renamed Frantsuzsky Blvd.

After the Soviet Revolution the cottages and summer houses of the wealthy Odessites were seized and the entire area was converted into a large health resort with numerous sanatoriums.

Memorial Plaque
Udelny 7 (Удельный переулок)

In this building a
Hero of the Soviet Union,
Colonel-General of Air Force
Sergey Kondratyevich Gorunov
lived from 1945 to 1952.
/1899 -1967/

Pious / Righteousness John Kronshtadskovo Russian Orthodox Church
(Храм Святого Праведного Иоанна Кронштадского)

Udelny 1 (Удельный переулок)
Tel: 21-87-71

At the end of Udelny (Удельный переулок), just of off Frantsuzsky Blvd, is a small rundown Russian Orthodox Church.

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