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Otrada beach entryway and cable cars


Otrada beach entryway and cable cars
East side of the intersection of Frantsuzsky Blvd. (Французский Бульвар) and Pirogovskaya

There is a large arch with wrought iron gates in a brick wall. This is the entrance to the Otrada beach. For 3 Hryvna one way, visitors can take the cable cars down to the beach, which takes about 5 minutes. The cable is 425 meters long with the cars moving just over 16 meters above the ground.

Entrance to the Otrada beach

Memorial Plaque
Pirogovskaya 1 (Пироговская)
Corner of Frantsuzsky Blvd. (Французский Бульвар)

In this building renowned
writer of sea themes
Ivan Petrovich Gaidaenko lived and worked from 1961 to 1994.

Grona-91 Wine Distillery
Frantsuzsky Blvd. 8 (Французский Бульвар)
Tel/Fax: 25-91-43
Behind a red and white brick wall is a wine distillery

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