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Church of Sacred Martyrs, Botanical Gardens, Eternally unfinished hotel


Church of Sacred Martyrs Adriana and Nataly
(церковь святых мучеников Адриана и Наталии)

Frantsuzsky Blvd. 46 (Французский Бульвар)
Tel: 60-61-63

Botanical Gardens (Botanichesky Sad) (Ботанический сад )
Frantsuzsky Blvd. 48/50 (under repair)
Frantsuzsky Blvd. 87 (Французский Бульвар)
Tel: 63-92-76

The Botanical Gardens were opened in 1867, originally at Dvoryanskaya street (Дворянская) in the center but were transferred to the present day site in 1880.

During Nazi occupation severe damage was done to the gardens. The garden was restored after the war.

There are over 800 varieties of trees, over 1,400 plants, and 350 rose varieties from around the world. The garden also protects endangered plant species.

Eternally unfinished hotel
Genuezkaya (Генуэзская)
Just outside of the main entrance of Arcadia beach, next to the Cosmos dance club
This towering unfinished hotel started construction in the 1970's but was never finished. The rooms, built to Soviet tastes, are too small for western tourists. In the past few years the Odessa government has launched a PR campaign, publishing brochures in English, trying to find entrepreneurial sponsors to donate ten million dollars to finish this project. Not surprising, there have been no takers.

Just up the street, a similar building, near Victoria hotel was also unable to find a five million dollar sponsor.

Melodiya Sanatorium
Corner of Posmitnovo (Посмитного) and Genuezkaya (Генуэзская) Streets
This beautiful sanatorium unfortunately doesn't accept foreigners.

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Memorial Monument
Genuezkaya (Генуэзская)
Across the street from the Melodiya Sanatorium, on a high plateau is a memorial monument.

To Makar Onisimovich Posmitny
In the year of jubilee - grateful successors
Sculptor L.I.Kravchenko 1995

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