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Famous figures of Odessa


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16. Sholem Aleichsem   1859 - 1916

One of the most famous Jewish writers living in Russia.  He wrote in Yiddish and often visited Odessa.

17. Vladimir Mayakovsky   1893 - 1930

A famous Soviet poet and strong supporter of the Bolsheviks and the Bolshevik Revolution.  Often visited Odessa.

18. Issac Babel  1894 - 1941 (For extensive information on Babel, click here)

A famous Soviet short-story writer of Odessa and war stories.  Born in Odessa to a Jewish family, he died in a Siberian prison camp.

19. Eduard Bagritsky   1895 - 1934

Pseudoname of Eduard Dzyubin, a famous Soviet poet known for his romantic verses.  He was born and lived in Odessa.

20. Evgeny Petrov 1903 - 1942 

Pseudoname of Evgeny Katayev, a famous Soviet humorist.  He was born in Odessa. 


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