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Famous figures of Odessa


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26. Konstantin Paustovsky   1892 - 1968

A famous Soviet writer, known for his short stories.  Lived in Odessa.

27. Emil Gilels  1916 - 1985

A famous Soviet pianist, born and studied in Odessa.  He was one of the first Soviet musicians allowed to play outside of the USSR.

28. Valentin Kataev  1897 - 1987

A famous Soviet novelist, born and lived in Odessa.

29. Rodion Malinovsky  1898 - 1967

A famous Soviet marshall prominent during World War II.  He later became first deputy ministry of defense and was instrumental in the buildup of the miliary force of the USSR.  He was born in Odessa.

30. Andrey Vishinsky  1883 - 1954

A famous Soviet statesman, lawyer and diplomat.  He helped to incorporate Latvia and Romania into the control of the USSR after World War II.  He was also the Soviet representative to the United Nations.  He was born in Odessa.


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