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The former "Regional scroll of honor", and Hero's memorial

In front of the Opera Theater is a spacious square, split by Rishelevskaya Street (Ришельевская). Two houses stood there before World War Two, but were destroyed by bombing and never rebuilt.

Before Ukrainian independence, on the South face of each building, the square held the prestigious "Regional Scroll of Honor", a large number of faceplates that listed 'winners of socialist emulation', which changed regularly.

All that remains of the 'winners of socialist emulation' wall. Notice the explosion mark where the soviet hammer and sickle once were.

Today, only the marble inscribed names on the East wall for the "Heroes of the USSR" born in the Odessa Region, still exist.
To the right of the inscriptions, a soviet era statue guards this wall.
(Click here for more on Soviet era statues)
Ruthless capitalism, in the form of the brand new Mozart hotel, recently remodeled, and erased the last remnants of the "Heroes of Social Labor" inscriptions on the West wall.

Tree markers

Occasionally in Odessa, near an old, grand tree, you can find a marker at its base. One of these tree markers is in front of a large tree next to the stairs behind the opera theater.

Another tree marker, located at Lva Tolstovo 9 (Льва Толстово) states generally the same information:

Ukrainian SSR Local State Botanical Nature Monument Bolle poplar planted in 1883 Odessa Greenery and Plants department Protected
by the state.

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