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The wedding registrar's office

Rishelevskaya 4 (Ришельевская)
(around 15 meters (50 feet) south of the opera theater)
By law every couple in Ukraine wanting to get married must get married in an official government office like this one. Couples sometimes choose to perform church weddings but they are not recognized by the state.

This marriage law allows a visitor a special peak into Ukrainian culture. Every Friday and Saturday morning a visitor can watch dozens of newlywed's file out of the building, having their pictures taken with family and friends. Several Mercedes and BMWs decorated with bows, ribbons, and wedding figurines on their hoods always sit outside.

9271; 36A negatives only
After having photos taken on the stairs inside and at the entranceway outside, the couple then have their pictures taken at a particular Japanese tree next to the opera theater. They will also traditionally have pictures taken on the Old Odessa arched bridge.

Memorial Plaque
Rishelevskaya 3 (Ришельевская)
(Across the street from the wedding registrar's office)

This building is named the Reno building. It held the
Odessa Commercial Court, the first one in the former Russian Empire between 1808 and 1828.
This memorial plaque was placed to commemorate
the 10th anniversary of the Arbitrary Courts of Ukraine, 4 June 2001

Wax Museum

Rishelevskaya 4 (Ришельевская)
Next to wedding registrar's office
See museums section, for full description.

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