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Church of Saint Nikolay and Yacht Club

Hotel Odessa,
next to the

Primorskaya 6 (Приморская)
Marine passenger terminal
( Morskoy Vokzal / (Морской Вокзал)

Tel: 729-39-47

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At the edge of the mooring the Church of Saint Nikolay has been built.

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Yacht Club
(TCF yacht Club/ Morskoy Klub, Teh, Tseh, F / Морской Клуб, ТЦФ)

Primorskaya 6 (Приморская)
Marine passenger terminal ( Morskoy Vokzal / (Морской Вокзал))
Tel/fax: 729-43-35

This $5 million new yacht club was built in May 1999 by the Odessa Port Authority, a wholly government-owned company. In 2000 a road and over pass connecting the port with the city was completed. This overpass allows frieght trucks to go straight to the Odessa Sea Trade Port.

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Newlyweds posing at the dock
with the lighthouse in the background

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