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Boat Tour

"A Must See"


Boat rides are available throughout the summer and began from the new yacht club near Kempinski Hotel and also at Arcadia beach behind Itaka club.

Rides are available from May to September from the firm:

Trevezor (Тревизор)

Cost: 7 Hr

There are boat rides to two locations:

  • Sevestopal (Севастополь) boat one way to Arcadia (30 minutes trip) The Sevestopal has a wider open deck. It arrives at Itaka (Greek cafe/ night club) at Arcadia. Passengers can disembark from Arcadia also.
  • The boat Vancouver (Ванкувер) sails along the coast toward Arcadia. It then circles back to the passenger port. The total time is 40 minutes.

Boat Ride Tour

This is what you will see on your ride to Arcadia beach:

  • To the North and west, across the sea, you can see the beaches of Luzanovka Beach (Пляж Лунзановка)
  • On a clear day, looking out at the other side of the Black Sea, a person can see the high rises of the Kotovsky district, 12 kilometers (7.4 miles) northeast of the city center. The Kotovsky district was built in the 1970's. Over 70,000 Odessites now live there. It is named after G. Kotovsky, a Soviet revolutionary leader of a cavalry brigade who entered the city from this area, and helped crush the whites.
  • A few minutes ride and you can see the Unknown solider obelisk in Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко)
  • Below Shevchenko Park (Парк Шевченко) is the white sandy beaches of Lanzjeron Beach (Пляж Ланжерон)
  • Next is the Otrada beach, which is easy to recognize by the cable cars.
  • To the south of Otrada beach is the yacht club, recognized by the large ugly concrete barriers.
  • Beyond the trees, parallel from Otrada to a portion of Arcadia beach is Frantsuzsky Blvd. (Французский Бульвар)
  • Before the land above these beaches was ugly brown cliffs. It is hard to imagine that Odessa was once plateaus with almost no trees. Since 1967, these cliffs have thousands of implanted trees growing on them. These trees stretch for over 10 kilometers, right to the cape of Bolshoy Fountain. This area was renamed Yubileyny park.
  • South of the newest beach Delfin, founded in 1968
  • On the long plateau above the beach are Chkalov and Magnolia sanatoriums with their two high rises, and buildings of the Rossiya (Russia)and Ukraina sanatoriums
  • A little further along is the Yunost hotel
  • The boat then enters Arcadia beach behind Itaka club.

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