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Valentin Glushko Bronze bust ( Also West Primorsky Blvd )




Valentin Glushko was considered "the father of Soviet rockets", and twice Hero of Socialist Labor.
Glushko played a vital role in the early Soviet space program. He invented fuel space rockets and founded a jet engine factory. Glushko was born and spent his childhood in Odessa.

The monument was sculpted by A. A. Kovalev.

On the monument is inscribed:

Valentin Petrovich Glushko
For exceptional achievements in development of air rockets,
in creation and successful launching of the first in the world spaceship
"Vostok" with man onboard, the Presidium of the
Supreme Council of USSR by its Decree dated 17 June 1961
has been awarded the second Golden Medal
"Sickle and Hammer" to Valentin Petrovich Glushko

The circular base shows the constellations. Along the circumference is inscribed:

To founder of domestic rocket propulsion engineering, designer of
powerful booster engines of all Soviet carrier rockets of the
beginning of Space Era, to academician and laureate of Lenin and State
Prizes, honorary citizen of Odessa

(Click here for the meaning behind the "Hero of Socialist Labor" award on the "Twice Hero of Socialist Labor" page)


West Primorsky Blvd (Приморский Бульвар)

Memorial Plaque
Primorsky Blvd. 4 (Приморский Бульвар)
In this building, the Head of Black Sea Shipping Agency,
Mr. Stanislav Alexandrovich Luk'yanchenko
lived here from 1979 to 2001
(1928 -2001)

Regional Administration Building
Primorsky Blvd. 5 (Приморский Бульвар)

This four-story black building with white trim is ornately decorated. Notice the columns on the balconies of the second floor.

Continue your virtul tour by walking to the War cannon threatening the mayors office
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