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Semi-circular buildings ovelooking the Duke Monument



Primorsky Blvd. 7 and 8 (Приморский Бульвар)

Avraam Melnikov proposed the idea of an architectural ensemble with a broad flight of stone steps leading to the sea, providing a gateway to the city. The idea was only completed in the later half of the twentieth century with the passenger port built at the foot of the stairs.

Standing with your back to the sea, the building on the right (West), Primorsky Boulevard 7 (Приморский Бульвар), was built in 1828. It housed the first public library in Southern Ukraine in 1898, the Gorky Science library, which is now located at Pastera 13 (Пастера) .

During Soviet times it housed an organization dealing with foreign trade. Today it holds a private shipping firm and lawyer's offices.

A memorial plaque to the
left of the entrance states:


In this building on

4 October 1916 the
military regional court
sentenced G.I. Kotovsky
to capital punishment for
his revolutionary activity.
The sentence was changed
for penal servitude in exile.

F. K. Boffo built the building on the left (East), Primorsky Boulevard 8 (Приморский Бульвар) between 1829-1830. The building was originally built as a mirror image of the left building, with only a few minor differences, including Corinthian capitals to the concave facade. But during the 19th century its classical style was changed when it was used the hotel Peterburgskaya and balconies were added to the facade. During World War Two the building was destroyed. It was rebuilt in 1948. During Soviet times it was used as the Black Sea Shipping Lanes Passenger Service. Today Dejavu Restaurant is on the first floor.

Two memorial plaques on the left corners of the building state:

In this building from 22 June to 12 July 1846,
famous Russian literary critic and publicist,
revolutionary democrat, philosopher-materialist
Vissarion Grigoryevich Belinsky stayed.
In this house,
former hotel Peterburgskaya,
the great Russian actor
Mikhail Semenovich Schepkin
stayed in 1837, 1846 and 1850.
The symmetrical building on either side of the square were built in Russian style.

The building on the right (west) has five open arches with white lonic pilasters three stories high, built in classical style. On the top, a white stone intricate railing stands in sharp contrast to the darker molding. The two upper stories are decorated with engravings.

The Dejavu Restaurant building on the left has been recently remodeled, and is in much better condition. Dejavu has a casino also.

Ubiquitous historical signs found throughout Odessa

On the facade of Primorsky Blvd. 7 (Приморский Бульвар) there is a black metal plaque, similar to dozens of other signs found on historical buildings throughout Odessa.

This plaque states:

Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic

Architecture Monument
Building, 1828

Architects: Melnikov and F.K.Boffo
The building is protected by the state of Ukraine
Any damage is punishable by law

Even if you are unable to read Russian, it is easy to find out the date the building was constructed from these plaques.

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