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Maritime Palace



Primorsky Blvd. 9 (Приморский Бульвар)

Built in 1829-1830, along with Primorsky Boulevard 8, it was also designed by F. K. Boffo.

Czar Alexander's mistress Countess Nareighshkina had a daughter together with Alexander named Sofya. Sofya was very weak and had very poor health. Because of Odessa's mild climate, Countess Nareighshkina moved to Odessa with her daughter and Alexander built this palace for them.

During the Soviet revolution in 1917 and 1918, it was the headquarters of the commander of the Soviet forces, Rumcherod.

During World War Two it was damaged in air raids, but it was rebuilt between 1949-1951.

In 1924 it was converted into the Maritime palace.

In the basement is a snake exhibit.

Interesting Sight

Sightseeing often doesn't come easy in the former Soviet Union. If you can get past the belligerent and stubborn soviet-mentality doormen, upstairs is a large theater.

The theater ceiling has a concave dome with a huge Soviet era mural of a celebration of the soviet people. Below red flags of Lenin and the Soviet Ukraine (the red hammer and sickle flag with a blue stripe at the bottom), happy soviets sing and dance.