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Marshal Rodion Malinovsky Bust
"Odessa in 19th century"
page 53 Preobrazhenskaya (Преображенская) and Cathedral Square, 1837
"Odessa in 19th century"
page 73 Preobrazhenskaya Street (Преображенская), 1850's

Economic University

Statue at the Economic University

Economic University (Экономический Университет)
Preobrazhenskaya 8 (Преображенская)

The building is in classical style designed by F. Gonsiorovsky in the second half of the 19th century. Flanking the entrance are two statues.

This university was founded in 1921. It teaches students finance, economics, and accounting.

(Gonsiorovsky also designed the Shah's palace, Gogolya 2, and Gogolya 6)

Marshal Rodion Malinovsky Bust

Photo by Galen Frysinger


The first block of Preobrazhenskaya Street (Преображенская), at Sofievskaya street (Софиевская) and Nekrasova street (Некрасова) has a grassy median, splitting the street in two.

At the south end of this median, sternly staring down the length of Preobrazhenskaya Street (Преображенская), is the Malinovsky Bust.

The heavy browed Malinovsky was a native of Odessa and twice hero of the Soviet Union. Malinovsky was the commander of the 3rd Ukrainian front which liberated Odessa. Yevgeny Vuchetich designed the sculpture in 1967. Today Odessites still place flowers at the base of this monument.

The Russians, never known for brevity in speeches, wrote this long plaque:

Decree of the Presidium of the
Supreme Council of USSR
on awarding the second Medal "Golden Star"
to the USSR Minister of Defense, USSR Marshal,
Hero of the Soviet Union R. Ya. Malinovsky
In connection with the 60-th anniversary of the
USSR Minister of Defense, USSR Marshal,
Hero of the Soviet Union R. Ya. Malinovsky
and recognizing his great services to Soviet state
and Armed Forces of USSR, award second medal
"Golden Star" to Rodion Yakovlevich Malinovsky
and erect the bronze bust on
the pedestal at his homeland.
Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Council
of USSR K. Voroshilov
Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Council
of USSR M. Georgadze
Moscow, Kremlin, 22 November 1958

Twice Hero of the Soviet Union
The Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded to both military and civilian personnel for deeds of heroism rendered to the USSR. The recipient of a second "Hero of the Soviet Union" would have a sculptural bust built in the town of their birth. Around 12,600 people were awarded more than once. Just imagine, over 12,000 busts similar to Malinovsky's exist across the former Soviet Union.

Special privileges were also granted to a Hero of the Soviet Union. These included a pension with survivor benefits in case of Hero's death, first priority on the housing list, 50 percent rent reduction, reduced taxation rates, up to an additional 15 square meters in living space, free yearly round-trip first class ticket, free personal bus transportation, free yearly visit to sanitarium or rest home, as well as entertainment and medical benefits.

Another medal awarded was the Defense of Odessa medal, which was awarded to all servicemen and civil citizens who took part in the defense of Odessa. Around 38,000 were made.

  • The former Soviet Union government also awarded a wide variety of other medals, not just for military accomplishments. A small selection of some of the many non-military medals included: Hero of Socialist Labor: Awarded for heroic achievements in labor such as significantly increasing production efficiency, and for successful implementation of methods and techniques which furthered the development of the State economy, science and culture. Medal No. 1 was given to Josef Stalin in celebration of his 60th birthday in 1939. The award had the same special privileges as the "Hero of the Soviet Union" award. Only 196 people were awarded with this medal more than once, Valentin Glushko and G. K. Zjukov were two of them.
  • Order of Mother Heroine: Awarded to Mothers for bearing and rearing 10 or more children.
  • Order of Maternal Glory: Awarded to Mothers for bearing and rearing 7, 8, or 9 children.
  • Medal for Distinguished Service in the Preservation of Public Order: For courage shown during the liquidation of criminal groups and arrest of criminals…for active, selfless participation in thwarting hooliganism, alcohol abuse, and theft. (for the civil police)
  • Medal for Development of Virgin Lands: for outstanding services in the development of virgin and idle lands in Kazakhstan, Siberia, the Urals, the Volga region, and northern Caucasus.
  • Medal for Drowning Person Rescue
  • Bravery in Fire Fighting

--Adapted from the "Soviet Military Awards Page"
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