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Grekova art school & Building of architectural distinction

Art students
Art Students
Corner of Sofievskaya (Софиевская) and Preobrazhenskaya (Преображенская)
In the summer on the southeast corner of Sofievskaya and Preobrazhenskaya often students from the nearby Grekova art school sit and draw the two buildings at Sofievskaya 23 (Софиевская) and the southern corner of Sofievskaya.

Building on the corner of Sofievskaya (Софиевская) and Preobrazhenskaya


Sofievskaya 34 (Софиевская) Building

Photo by Galen Frysinger

Memorial Plaque
Sofievskaya 34 (Софиевская)
In this modest two story building on the Southwestern corner of Sofievskaya (Софиевская) and Preobrazhenskaya (Преображенская), Bulgarian classical author Ivan Vazov lived from 1887 to 1889. During Vazov's stay in Odessa he wrote his most famous work, "Under the Yoke".


The memorial plaque on the facade states:

In this house a famous Bulgarian writer and
poet Ivan Vazov lived in 1887

Grekova art school
Grekova art school (Художественное им. М.Б. Грекова)
Preobrazhenskaya 14/16 (Преображенская)
This school was the first art school in Ukraine, founded in 1865. It is named after the former student Mitrofan Grekov, the founder of Soviet battle painting.

Memorial Plaque and a
building of architectural distinction

Preobrazhenskaya 13 (Преображенская)
(Corner of Shchepkina (Щепкина), Shchepkina side)

The memorial plaque reads:
In this building an Italian antifascist
Vincenzo Baccala lived from 1932 to 1937.

Three domes at Preobrazhenskaya 13

On the roof of this building are three domes, similar to Greek orthodox churches.

Three story alcove at Preobrazhenskaya 15

Building of architectural distinction
Preobrazhenskaya 15 (Преображенская)
(Corner of Shchepkina (Щепкина))

This beautiful four-story building has a three-story alcove with balconies. Sculptors grace the alcoves in this unique building, and a large dome sits on the roof.

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