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The Odessa Guide

Mayakovskava Street (Маяковского)
Named after the Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893-1930). During the Soviet revolution he supported the Bolsheviks, and his poems during this period reflect the ideological aspirations of the Communist movement and is interlaced with its propaganda.

Mayakovsky loved Odessa and visited this city four times. During his first visit he feel in love with one of the beautiful Odessa girls, but she did not return his love. Regardless, it served as the inspiration for the well-known Soviet poem "A cloud of pants".

Mayakovsky seemed to have no luck with women, and they were ultimately his downfall. He committed suicide in 1930, possibly because of the refusal of a girl he met in Paris to marry him and the poor reception of his play "The Bathhouse" right before his death.

Musical Director of the Odessa Opera Theater
Mayakovskava 6 (Маяковского)
Was the home of the composer Jiri Pribik, a Ukrainian artist who was originally Czech. From 1894 to 1937 he was the musical director of the Odessa Opera Theater.

Balcony at Mayakovskava 4

Memorial plaque
Mayakovskava 4

The memorial plaque on this building reads:

In this building, a hero of the Civil War,
the Commander of 51st Perekopsky Battalion
Vasily Konstantinovich Bluher lived from
December 1920 to May 1921.

S O (Russian) ,
page 182 photo of Odessa State University Science Library in the 19th century

Odessa State University Science Library
Preobrazhenskaya 24 (Преображенская)
(Located next to the Deribasovskaya/ Gor-saud park)
Tel: 34-80-11
Tel/Fax: 26-04-01
Email: libosu@paco.net

This is one of the oldest science libraries in Ukraine, founded in 1817. It has over 2.5 million books. Governor-general Vorontsov donated 25,000 volumes to this institution that formerly made up his personal library.

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