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Privoz market
Privoz Market (Привоз)
Privoznaya 14 (Привозная)
Tel: 22-41-79
email: odessaprivoz@narod.ru

Meaning "to bring" in Russian, Privoz Market is one of the largest farmer's markets/bazaars in the world. Although rows are devoted to construction materials, household goods, and clothes, the Privoz Market is predominately a food bazaar.

In the early nineteenth century wares were sold from the back of horse driven carts. Liek today, it had the cheapest and freshest food in the city.

Privoz adjoined the Stary (old) bazaar (also called the Volny (free) market) the first bazaar in Odessa. Gradually more buildings were constructed as the city grew.

In the 1940's zoo animals were moved from the Odessa zoo to Simferopol. Four year old elephant Murza escaped. He ran to the fruit passage of the Privoz market and ate several apples, pulled out pickled cucumbers from a barrel, tasted some frsh cabbage, and regaled himself to dried fruits. He was caught and returned to his fellow zoo animals. A popular Russian comedy film, "The Stripped Trip" was inspired by this incident.

Vendors in Privoz bazaar

What to buy in Privoz
Organically grown, incredibly large, fresh produce (if in season) can be found at this market at fairly low prices. The fresh fruits in vegetables are wonderful. In the summer, depending on what is on season, the berries, plumbs, peaches, snap peas and tomatoes are worth a try. You can also find moist and sweet dried apricots, raisons, and prunes. Beware of the smoked prune, which is a bitter and acquired taste. Ask to try the berries and dried fruits before you purchase.

In addition to the fresh produce, the dairy building (facing Ekaterininskaya Street) offers a large variety of amazing temptations. Among the many cheeses to try, brynza (брынза) (soft feta-like cheese) and the Georgian salugony (Салугуни) are a definite must. Ask to sample the cheese before you buy.

The west side of the dairy building has excellent, rich cakes for under 30 Hyrvnia.

If you want something to compliment your cheese in a sandwich, the dairy building is also home to the sausage vendors. For the more adventurous, you can also buy the traditional Ukrainian salo (Сало), or pig lard. Though the meat house might be worth a quick glance, it is probably not a good idea to buy meat at Privoz unless you have an experienced local with you.

Payment is in cash only. The bazaar is open roughly from 6 am - 5 pm. Beware of pickpockets.


Inside the dairy building in Privoz bazaar


Daily life in the bazaar
In the summer many farming families travel from small villages and sleep along Privoznaya street (Привозная) until their produce has been completely sold. (Watermelon farmers sometimes actually sleep on their produce) These farmers will sell fresh produce 24 hours a day.

What is amazing about Odessa is how in many ways it is more capitalist than even America. Because of lax business licensing laws and easily bribed police, more people possess their own business than in America, even if this business may only be a few packs of cigarettes, resting on a cardboard box and turned over bucket.

Privoz area is dangerous at night, one of the worst areas of the city. The most squalid and depressing scenes are found along Privoznaya Boulevard (Привозная) after dark. Many drunks and drug addicts are passed out along the street. Large groups of stray dogs fight each other and rummage through the immense amount of trash, completely ignoring human beings. Fights outside of bars are common, with several men beating one person, and drunken boyfriends beating their intoxicated wives. Odessites usually look on indifferently, and pass by as if they saw nothing.


Privoz Second Hand Market
Around 23 Panteleimonovskaya (Пантелеймоновская)
Southwest corner Panteleimonovskaya (Пантелеймоновская) and Vodoprovodnaya (Водопроводная)
Large white building, second floor, entrance on exterior of the southeast side of large building.

This second hand market takes up the entire second floor of a large building. Of particular entrance are the hundreds of used leather jackets.


 Every summer, vendors sell noisy chicks in the privoz bazaar.

New stores built in 2002 in front of Privoz


Wall with revolutionaries
Bolgarskaya 1 (Болгарская) Behind the Rodina movie theater

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