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Chernobyl Memorial Square

Chernobyl Memorial Square

Engraved on the base of the black monument are the two words:

(To Odessa residents who were Chernobyl disaster rescue workers)

On the northern side of this monument, engraved on the base are the words:

Monument to Odessits -
liquidators of the consequences
of accident on Chernobyl atomic
power station - erected by Odessa
City Council in 1997

In the Southeast corner of this square in the grass is a plaque that states:

Park dedicated to Memory of
Odessites -victims of Chernobyl
ecological catastrophe

Founded in 2000 A.D.
by the residents of Odessa
with participation of the
Odessa City Council,
the Ukrainian Green Party and
the Odessa Regional organization
"Union Chernobyl"

Behind the black monument is a large fenced structure topped with a Orthodox church dome. In the center of this monument is a brown slab with the inscription:

...and a great star fell from heaven,
burning like a torch... And the name of the star is Wormwood…
and many men died…
Revelation, John the Evangelist

The word "Chernobyl" in English it means 'Wormwood'

On the back of the domed monument is an inscription:

Chapel of Saint Feodosy Chernigovsky
was constructed in memory of
Odessa victims of Chernobyl
by the deputy of Odessa
City Council O.N. SHEVCHUK
Architect - V.L.Glasyrin
Head of the construction company
S.V. Frolov Sanctified by
the Metropolitan Agafangel
on April 26, 2001.