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Privokzalnaya Square (Привокзальная Площадь) next to the Train Station

Privokzalnaya Square (Railway Station Square) (Привокзальная Площадь)
(Across the street from the trainstation)
A low wrought railing encircles this roundabout. Two stone lions guard the large fountain.

Three homeless children sleeping in park

During the summer, this square is a favorite place of homeless orphans and drunkards too sleep.

Underground walkways to the train station.

Memorial slab at Vahk-zahl (Train station) McDonalds
To the south of the McDonalds, near the drive through, is a memorial slab, which seems horribly out of place next to the symbol of capitalism.

The slab reads:

Here, in the vicinity of the train-station,
in January 1918, the troops
of the Central Rada were
crushed by the rebellious
forces of workers and soldiers
in fierce fighting for the Soviets.

Lion sculpture in Starosennaya Ploshat
(Старосенная Площадь)
(Across the street from the train station)

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Train Station
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