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World War Two Tractor tank

Tractor tank
Razumovskaya 13 (Разумовская)
Six blocks west of Cossack / Staro bazarny Square (Сквер Старобазарный), small park next to Razumovskaya 13

Located in a small park is a Tractor Tank from World War Two.

During the 73-day Nazi siege of Odessa, industrial workers sheathed ordinary tractors in ship steel, mounted machine guns on them and sent them into battle. Many of the same workers who built these tanks, rode them into combat. It had a terrible clatter when storming enemy positions, usually causing a panic among Nazi troops. Odessites began to call it the "scare tank". The name stuck, so that even in official documents it was referred to as the "scare tank".

The plaque on this monument reads:

Odessa Tank - NI
(Na Ispug )
(To Scare)
Workers of the plant "Yanvarets" -
to the battle-front 1941

Memorial plaque to the
author Ilya Ilf

Staroportofrankovskaya 19 (Старопортофранковская)

The writer was born
in this building in 1897.

(Click here for more on
Ilya Ilf book "12 chairs"

Typical parking attendant shed at Degtyarnaya 12 (Дегтярная)

Parking attendant sheds
Throughout Odessa a visitor will see small sheds similar to the photo. These are parking attendant sheds.