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Train Station

Train Station (Jeh Deh Vahk-zahl / .. )
Tel: 005

The Nazi's destroyed the railway station in 1944. The station and the railway offices on the west side of the square were one of the first buildings to be rebuilt. The construction took only eighteen months, November 1950 to June 1952. The train station was designed in classical style by architect Leonid Chuprin.

Railway offices on the west side of the square

On the right side of the entrance is this plaque:

Constructed by Odessa Reconstruction
and Maintenance Department of the
Ministry of Transportation with active
participation of the working people of
Odessa from November 1950
to June 1952 according
to the design of architect L.M. Chuprin.


Above the three arches of the entryway, three dates are inscribed: 1905, 1917, 1944. These dates commemorate the three most important events for Odessa in the early 20th century:

  • Battleship Potemkin uprising in 1905,
  • the Soviet Revolution in 1917, and
  • the liberation of Odessa from the Nazi's in 1944.

The words in the center read: "Glory to the hero-city!"

On the roof there is a sculpture of a girl with a dove raised above her head, surrounded by three other young male figures.

There is a Soviet sickle and hammer emblems on the facade.

Forty trains and 20,000 passengers can travel through this train station everyday. Every time a train enters Odessa, it is greeted by the melody "Odessa my town", the same tune that plays every half-hour at the Mayor's office.

Train station from the train platform

From ediogo virtualtourist.com

Above the train platforms is an Order of Lenin medal and the "Gold Star" medal, the highest Soviet decoration, awarded to the city of Odessa for its defense against Nazis during World War two. Along the roof are the words:

Welcome to the Hero-City Odessa!

Order of Lenin medal and the "Gold Star" medal
8412; 3 index card and printed (10" x 15")

Odessa the Hero City
Because of its resistance to Nazi invaders during World War two, Odessa was given the title of hero city. The title "hero city" can be found today in many books and on many plaques.

Only five other cities have this distinction of being called a "hero city" including:

  • Kiev,
  • Moscow,
  • Leningrad (Saint Petersburg),
  • Stalingrad (Vovgolgrad), and
  • Sevastopol.

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