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Pushkinskaya Street & Ukrainian's 10th anniversary monument
9271; 3A negatives only Shady Pushkinskaya Street (Пушкинская)
"Odessa in 19th century" Pushkinskaya Street (Пушкинская) in the 1880's page 43
"Odessa in 19th century" Italyanskaya (Pushkinskaya) Street in the 1860's page 111
S O (Russian) , page 188, 192 photo of Pushkinskaya Street (Пушкинская)in the 19th century

Pushkinskaya Street (Пушкинская)
This street was once known as Italyanskaya Street (Italian). It was so named because many artists and architects from Italy lived on the street. In Pushkin wrote:

The tongue of Golden Italy
Rings out on this gay street

In 1880 it was renamed after Pushkin.

S O (Russian) , page 19t photo of in the 19th century

We're not in Kansas anymore…

Yellow brick road on Pushkinskaya Street (Пушкинская)
Intersection of Lanzjeronovskaya (Ланжероновская)

At the beginning of the Pushkinskaya Street, in front of the Archeological Museum
This small section of street is paved with a peculiar light golden stone. It is made from clay and remains in a furnace until vitrified (turned into a glassy substance). It is incredibly wear and frost resistant. The original plan was to pave three streets with this stone. This small section of the road was laid with this stone in 1913, but the beginning of World War One prevented further work.

Independence monument in foreground with opera theater in background

Next to the yellow brick road and in front of the maritime museum, is a strange monument to the 10th anniversary of Ukraine's independence. This monument once had the following golden words below a Ukrainian trident and above the white columns:

24-08-1991 to 24-08-2001
10 years of Ukrainian independence

Since then these words have been removed, either stolen or taken down by the authorities because of embarrassment.

The plaque on the chained stump reads:

Fragment of an oak-tree - state botanical nature monument,
Odessa history monument - this tree stood at this site from 1812 to 2001