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Literary Museum courtyard (Other major museums)

Maritime Museum and LAOCOON monument, Archaeology Museum, Literary museum

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Literary Museum courtyard
Price: 2 Hr entrance
21 Hr video camera
10 Hr photos

Next to the Literary museum is a jovial courtyard with many bronze figurines. All of these contemporary statues were donated by local business and were unveiled on the famous Odessa holiday Humor day, April 1st. Interspersed between these figurines are ancient Black Sea stone sculptures.


M. Zjvanetsky Monument
Unveiled on April 1st, 1998
Sculpted by V.I. Traskov

This is a sculpture of a famous comedian.
The facade reads:
"You are an Odessite, Misha…"
This is a line from a famous Odessa song. But it is also a play on words, the context of the inscription also means wherever you live Misha, you will always be an Odessite.

Photo by galen frysinger

Photo by Galen Frysinger
Odessa Mama Monument
This mother is atop three whales and has several babies lovingly cuddled to her bosom. Closer inspection of the babies show they are famous Odessa mayors. The sculpture was unveiled on April 1st, 2000. It was donated by
"Odessa City head R. Bodelan" (The mayor).
The musician Sasha Monument
Sculptor: A. Knyazik
The sculpture was unveiled on April 1st, 2001.
?? Antilopa group monument in fountain
Sculptor: A. Tokarev
The sculpture was unveiled on April 1st, 1999.
It was donated by the mayor R. Bodelan.
"Shalandas full of gray mullet…"
Sculptor: T. Sudina
Unveiled on April 1st, 2002
On the front of this sculpture is a quote
from a famous Odessa song.
?? "Future Genius", three winged creatures flying over an egg
Sculptor: N.I. Stupanov
Unveiled in 1996

The small Rabinovich Monument, the earliest monument in the courtyard, unveiled in 1995. Odessites have many jokes about Rabinovich.
(Click here for more about Rabinovich)