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Port museum and cannon on stairs

9271; 4A negatives only Port museum
9271; 5A negatives only Lanzjeronovskaya spusk (decent/stairs)
(Ланжероновская спуск)

Black anchor
Lanzjeronovskaya 6 (Ланжероновская)
There is a large black anchor next to a white marble plaque near the entrance to the Literary museum. The inscription reads:

150 years of the Black Sea Shipping Company
The dates 1833-1983 are inscribed on the back.

War cannon and plaque to F. P. .De Volan

Port museum and cannon on stairs
Lanzjeronovskaya spusk (decent/stairs) (Ланжероновская спуск)
Just east of the Literary museum is a long stairway. In the middle of this stairway is the port museum on the north side (See museum section) on the south side is another cannon.

Port Museum

Behind and above the cannon, on the wall, is a large golden plaque. The plaque reads:

To first builder of
Odessa port and city F. P. .De Volan

Plaque to F. P. .De Volan
9271; 7A negatives only
Map of Hadjibei

Below is a map which shows Hadjibei, the predecessor to modern day Odessa, the inscription in the corner reads:

Plan of Hadjibei,

(The cannon is Discussed in more detail under Crimean War Cannon, This page also includes where to find more war cannons throughout the city)

Stairs up to maritime musuem from klod5 190 virtualtourist.com

Memorial Plaque
At the base of Lanzjeronovskaya spusk (decent/stairs) (Ланжероновская спуск)

Great proletarian writer A. M. Gorky
lived in this building in 1891.

9271; 13A Negatives only