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Industrial Port

From Corbis.com

"Odessa in19th century" Industrial port in the 1880's page 29
"Odessa in19th century" Industrial port in the 1850's page 67
"Odessa in 19th century" Industrial port in the 1850's page 89

To the east of the passenger port, and down to the left of the Lanzjeronovskaya spusk is the restricted entrance to the industrial port.

Joseph De Ribas and Frantz De Volan busts
Flanking either side of the entrance to the industrial port are the two busts.

Bust of Joseph De Ribas

Frantz De Volan
1753 - 1818
Joseph De Ribas
1749 - 1890

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Bust of Frantz De Volan

De Ribas and De Volan were both central participants in the foundation of the city.

9271; 8A negatives only Statue on the road median of the industrial port

Through the gates, a visitor can just see a monument on the median of the road. It is difficult to get entrance to the port.

9271; 10A negatives only

Monument to the dock workers who defend Odessa in World War Two
Also through the gates a visitor can see this monument.

Vakulenchuk Monument

Just right (east) of the industrial port entrance, shaded by trees, is a monument to Grigory Mikitovich Vakulenchuk.

The plaque states:

Grigory Mikitovich Vakulenchuk

Vakulenchuk was one of the slain mutineer leaders on the battleship Potemkin. In 1905 striking workers gathered at the port to witness the sailors bring ashore the body of Grigory Vakulenchuk. A fire started at the port and over 1,000 people died in the resulting chaos.

Memorial Plaque
Polsky Spusk 6A (Польский спуск)
(short street going to the industrial port)

In this building writer, renowned scientist,
professor Grygory Andriyovich V'yazovsky
lived from 1970 to1996
\1919 - 1996\