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Pushkin museum

Memorial Plaque on Medical college
Pushkinskaya 4 (Пушкинская)
There are two memorial plaques on this building:

The prominent benefactor, public figure of Odessa,
City Mayor from 1880 to 1895
Grigory Grigoryevich Marazli lived in this building.

In this building Miranda Romualdovna Shevchenko studied from 1966 to 1970. Killed on 25 September 1985 in the republic of Afghanistan. Afghanistan Veterans Union

Pushkinskaya 13 (Пушкинская)
In front of the museum is one of the most famous statues in the city, a jovial Pushkin statue.
(Click here for more information on the museum and statue)

Adornment on Pushkinskaya 7 (Пушкинская)

Alexander Bernardacci buildings
Krasnaya hotel, Philharmonic theater, and Porto-Franko Bank

Alexander Bernardacci was born in Pyatigorsk in the north caucus. The town had been almost completely built by his father and uncle, who were originally Swiss. In 1878 Bernardacci moved to Odessa and lived there for over thirty years. In this time he built some of the most famous buildings in Odessa, including three that are located on Pushkinskaya Street (Пушкинская), these include:

Porto-Franko Bank
Pushkinskaya 10 (Пушкинская)
Today's Porto-Franko bank was built in grand proportions. The facade is in the style of the Renaissance with huge semi-circular windows and a high wide entrance. A marble stairway leads to the second story hall which has windows on either side. The walls of the stairs are constructed with marble.
Krasnaya hotel

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Philharmonic theater
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