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Aleksandrovsky Ave (Александровский проспект)

Memorial Plaque
Osipova 2 (Осипова)

Yakov Ivanovich Osipov
Hero of Odessa defense ,
Commander of the
1st Marines Regiment,
who became famous during the defense of the city

Memorial plaque
Grecheskaya 42 (Греческая)

This building now holds a militia (police station). The plaque on the facade reads:

In this building great
Ukrainian writer and
Ivan Franko lived in 1909

Aleksandrovsky Ave. (Александровский проспект)
Formerly named Mira (peace) (Мира) during the Soviet Union

Directly south of Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) (Греческая Площадь) this beautiful street has a grassy park median its entire length until reaching Cossack Square. It then continues on to the main entrance of Privoz bazaar.

Dome at Grechiskaya


Rental boards on Aleksandrovsky Avenue (Александровский проспект)

Rental boards
Located just south of Grecheskaya Ploshat (Square) (Греческая Площадь)at the median at the junction of Grecheskaya (Греческая) and Aleksandrovsky Ave. (Александровский проспект) Many Odessites know this area as Kiev Restaurant from a defunct restaurant, which was once at Grecheskaya 1.

There is a rental board where landlords place thousands of advertisements on small flyers.
Every Wednesday morning until the early afternoon dozen of buyers and sellers come to this location and barter. (Click here for other ideas on how to rent an apartment)

School number 119 memorial plaques
Zjukovskovo 39 (Жуковского)
There are two plaques on the Aleksandrovsky Ave. side of this school. They read:

In this building, Odessa Special Air Force School No. 14 was located in1940-1941, all graduates of which
fought in the Great Patriotic War.
Eternal glory to teachers and graduates of this school
who perished fighting for their Motherland.

In this Gymnasium (school No. 119) Honoured
Teacher of Ukraine Alla Petrivna Bystrina
worked as Director from 1970 to 1998.

Dome at Aleksandrovsky Ave. 7

Building of architectural distinction
Aleksandrovsky Ave. 7 (Александровский проспект)
This building has a unique dome atop its roof.

Police officers killed on duty memorial
Just North of Aleksandrovsky Ave. 11 (Александровский проспект)
(Just South of Zjukovskovo (Жуковского))

This monument, built in the 1990's, is a memorial to all Odessa police officers that where killed on duty. The circular base lists all of those officers that were killed.