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Rishelevskaya Street (Ришельевская)

"Odessa of the 19th century" page 35 Rishelevskaya Street (Ришельевская)in the 1880's

Rishelevskaya Street (Ришельевская)
Formerly named Lenina during the Soviet Union. This street is the business thoroughfare for Odessa, with fewer trees than Pushkinskaya (Пушкинская), more businesses, and a more hurried feel. In certain parts of the summer, this street is difficult to walk on because of the pollen from the trees.

Tower above Rishelevskaya Street 10 (Ришельевская)

Dolphin grocery store, Corner of
Grecheskaya 21 (Греческая) /
Rishelevskaya Street 12 (Ришельевская)

Sculptures and balcony on building at
Rishelevskaya Street 9 (Ришельевская)

Memorial Plaque
Rishelevskaya Street 13 (Ришельевская)
The memorial plaque on this building explains that the Lieutenant General Ivan Burmakov, who fought in the Battle of Stalingrad, lived at this address. He was commander of the Russian Army, which captured the headquarters of the Sixth German Army and German Field Marshal von-Paulus on January 31st, 1943.

Memorial Plaque
Rishelevskaya Street 17 (Ришельевская)
The memorial plaque on this building explains that the writer Isaac Babel, most famous for a series of short stories about the cavalry at the time of the Soviet Revolution, lived here on Rishelevskaya 17 (Ришельевская). The plaque does not mention that Babel was Born in Odessa to a Jewish family, he died in a Siberian prison camp.

Arab "cultural center"
Rishelevskaya 49 (Ришельевская)
Tel: 37-91-60

Open 10 am-6 pm

This is Odessa's one and only mosque. This building is officially called a "cultural center", although it is a mosque. The name "cultural center", was a requirement of the local authorities. Reportedly this "cultural center" faced stiff opposition from the local authorities. It is rumored in the local Arab community that the builders had to pay several thousand dollars in bribes and faced stiff opposition and typical soviet bureaucracy before it could be built.

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Odessa Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Rishelevskaya Street 58 (Ришельевская)

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